Logs for #nikola for 2016-02-28

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02:11:35 <[Tritium]> are categories getting depricated in favor of sections?
08:07:52 <ChrisWar1ick> [Tritium]: yes
08:10:15 <[Tritium]> ChrisWar1ick: are they scheduled for removal in 8.
08:10:16 <[Tritium]> ?
08:10:26 <ChrisWarrick> probably
08:11:26 <[Tritium]> So I wont start using them!
08:11:50 <ChrisWarrick> use sections, they’re more fun
08:12:14 <[Tritium]> Frankly, they make multi-location deployment custimization easier
08:18:31 <[Tritium]> ...I might be the only one doing that though
08:18:33 <ChrisWarrick> you are, and you should be happy we support that
08:18:33 <ChrisWarrick> (why do you even bother?)
08:18:37 <[Tritium]> I have the server space to host it, so I do, and its the canonical version, but a subject matter community offers exposure for sites hosted on their server, so I deploy there too
08:18:44 <ChrisWarrick> don’t they have any RSS aggregation thing? Because if I were Google, I’d consider one site as a clone of the other used to cheat in ratings
08:18:54 <[Tritium]> they have almost no dynamisim on their server.
08:18:55 <[Tritium]> and google isnt allowed on the canonical server for "I hate my host" reasons
08:19:13 <[Tritium]> The most dynamic thing on their server, public facing, is a daily cron job of a 2001 era perl script
08:19:47 <[Tritium]> the fact that configuration is a python module means...well... there is no reason that it is only one config >.>
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13:55:04 <davidak> https://getnikola.com/handbook.html#post-list
13:55:06 <davidak> i would like to deprecate the 'all' option and introduce type: post | page | all
13:55:06 <davidak> https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/blob/master/nikola/plugins/compile/rest/post_list.py#L174
13:55:06 <davidak> i can display only pages with:
13:55:06 <davidak> timeline = [p for p in site.timeline if not p.use_in_feeds]
13:55:06 <davidak> is that a robust way to get all pages?
13:56:19 <ChrisWarrick> davidak: p.use_in_feeds → True for posts, False for pages
13:56:19 <davidak> yes
13:56:36 <davidak> so Nikola don't know what a "page" is?
13:56:36 <davidak> as a name
13:56:37 <ChrisWarrick> davidak: p.is_post → even more precise (use_in_feeds also does drafts→false)
13:56:37 <davidak> ok
13:56:39 <ChrisWarrick> davidak: Nikola does not have a separate Page class, if that’s what you’re asking; however, we have site.posts and site.pages
13:56:46 <davidak> thanks
14:00:45 <davidak> also i want to have date: True | False (display date by defaullt)
14:00:45 <davidak> is it clean enough to just set
14:00:45 <davidak> 'date_format': '',
14:00:45 <davidak> or should that be changed in the template? i don't get errors
14:00:59 <davidak> https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/blob/master/nikola/plugins/compile/rest/post_list.py#L218
14:01:29 <ChrisWarrick> davidak: this needs to be left as-is
14:01:53 <ChrisWarrick> otherwise, things will break
14:03:05 <davidak> i want to add an option to change it, don't change the default
14:03:57 <ChrisWarrick> we’re using the site-wide value. If you need to change something per-instance, you could change your template’s parameters to post.date()
14:04:11 <ChrisWarrick> formatted_date()*
14:04:20 <ChrisWarrick> Using the site-wide value makes the most sense though
14:06:54 <davidak> ok
14:22:09 <davidak> i forgot that 'type' is a python keyword. do you have a good name for the new option? 
14:24:27 <ChrisWarrick> post_type?
14:25:47 <davidak> whould be ok, but not one word like the other
14:34:54 <davidak> would you like to leave the 'all' option there for some versions or can i just delete it now?
14:34:58 <davidak> would be more complicated to hanle if someone sets post_type and all
14:36:38 <ChrisWarrick> davidak: Leave it there for backwards compatibility, with a "# TODO: remove in v8" note above it.  There also needs to be a warning, but I guess we’ll handle that
14:37:00 <davidak> k
15:43:01 <davidak> https://github.com/davidak/nikola/blob/2c51d396fed6cd517321c38bb45a7cce0ea4a1c2/nikola/plugins/compile/rest/post_list.py#L183
15:43:01 <davidak>     print("DEBUG 2: " + post_type)
15:43:01 <davidak> TypeError: Can't convert 'bool' object to str implicitly
15:43:01 <davidak> DEBUG 1: page
15:43:01 <davidak> <class 'str'>
15:43:01 <davidak> <class 'bool'>
15:43:04 <davidak> how does post_type become a bool in _do_post_list?
15:46:47 <ChrisWarrick> davidak: wrong argument order line 160
15:47:38 <davidak> ah. does it get merged with option_spec?
15:48:18 <ChrisWarrick> davidak: you pass show_all as post_type, post_type as show_all
15:49:15 <davidak> ah, yes
16:07:07 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] davidak opened pull request #2272: add option post_type to post-list directive (master...page-list) https://git.io/v2a96
19:52:12 <KwBot> [nikola] davidak opened issue #2273: Replace umlauts with correct vokals https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2273
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23:22:11 <davidak> is there a rst directive to include plain HTML?
23:22:55 <davidak> like in this test https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/blob/76149712661043d462b85d74ac2e5851300d93a0/tests/test_rst_compiler.py#L113
23:30:20 <davidak> .. raw:: html
23:30:27 <davidak> works, if you use it correctly :)