Logs for #nikola for 2016-02-19

16:48:49 <Lenz> Hello all
16:49:57 <Lenz> I would like to extend Nikola that it automatically converts certain strings in a blog post into an URL (a reference to a bug ID should point to the related issue in the bug tracker)
16:50:07 <Lenz> What's the recommended way of doing that?
17:01:38 <ChrisWarrick> Lenz: What input format are you using?
17:03:02 <Lenz> ChrisWarrick: Plain RST
17:03:45 <Lenz> ChrisWarrick: In our blog posts, we sometimes refer to issues or pull requests, but adding the URLs manually is somewhat tedious :)
17:04:02 <ChrisWarrick> Lenz: It might be easier to use a role, eg. :issue:`#1234`.  Write a reST plugin to add a reST role doigng what you want.
17:04:05 <ChrisWarrick> doing*
17:04:33 <Lenz> ChrisWarrick: Good idea, I'll take a look at that
17:04:46 <Lenz> Thanks!
17:05:43 <ChrisWarrick> Lenz: look at doc.py in the Nikola default distribution (nikola/plugins/compile/rest/doc.py), write a .plugin file for your own thing, and put both in your_site/plugins/
17:08:05 <Lenz> Cool, thanks! If I succeed with that, I'll certainly blog about it ;)
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