Logs for #nikola for 2016-01-31

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09:18 -GitHub[plugins]:#nikola- plugins/master af226f6 Hong Xu: publication_list: use a nicer URL for a list of pybtex styles in README.
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09:59 -GitHub[plugins]:#nikola- plugins/master a443d55 Hong Xu: publication_list: update the website.
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14:09 < lg188> Hey, is there a guide for the translation part? Because I'm getting hella frustrated on figuring it out
14:51 <+ChrisWarrick> lg188: transifex is a bit weird sometimes
14:52 <+ChrisWarrick> lg188: basically, you need to create an account there, and request to join the Nikola team for your desired language.
14:57 < lg188> That's not what I meant, the translation stuff on a local project.
14:58 < lg188> I think I might have figured it out, but there's some stuff that bothers me
14:58 < lg188> not sure how to get rid of the "also available in: " thing
14:58 <+ChrisWarrick> lg188: It’s there to inform people your post is available in other languages
14:59 < lg188> I know, but I don't need it if there's already a button on the top left
14:59 < lg188> right*
14:59 <+ChrisWarrick> lg188: that one doesn’t do what you think it does
15:00 <+ChrisWarrick> lg188: the navbar buttons link to indexes, not posts
15:00 < lg188> err you right, it doesn't go to the same post
15:00 < lg188> still it's really ugly
15:02 <+ChrisWarrick> lg188: edit your templates
15:02 < lg188> and where can I find those?
15:02 <+ChrisWarrick> lg188: post_header.tmpl is the culprit.  copy it from your theme or its parent to templates/ under your site directory
15:04 <+ChrisWarrick> lg188: (if using bootstrap3, it’s in ~VIRTUAL_ENV/lib/python3.*/site-packages/nikola/data/themes/base/templates/post_header.tmpl; bootstrap3-jinja → base-jinja; etc.)
15:04 < lg188> I'll install a different theme anyway, maybe it'll be less ugly
15:07 <+ChrisWarrick> ig188: not really. You can always restyle it to make it prettier
15:08 < lg188> I don't mind the fact there's a language link, just the "available" part
15:09 <+ChrisWarrick> lg188: edit template, delete the text
15:11 < lg188> Doing so
15:24 < lg188> Allright, done. I've got one last question though. Can you choose a default lading page?
17:07 <+ChrisWarrick> lg188: the landing page is whatever ends up as /index.html. You can make a story with slug=index, PAGES set to "" as 2nd arg, and index path changed
17:07 <+ChrisWarrick> lg188: there is a tutorial for not-blogs, examples are available there
17:11 < lg188> Okay thanks ChrisWarrick