Logs for #nikola for 2016-01-28

06:23 < lactose> is it feasible for me to source the raleway font (for bootstrap iirc) from my server? it appears to be the longest thing that takes to load
07:46 <+ChrisWarrick> lactose: yes, you can do that (it's probably a bootswatch though)
08:57 < ElPasmo> Hi all, I'm having trouble installing nikola 7.7.4 using pip 1.5.6, python3.5.0+ on Ubuntu 15.10. Here is the log: https://bpaste.net/show/71ef67116831 and I made sure I have installed libxml2. So I'm a bit lost here :(
09:38 < ElPasmo> Ok, I'm sorry. I have to install the following dependencies: libxml2-dev, libxslt1-dev, python3.5-dev, libjpeg-dev and zlib1g-dev. All is working now :)
12:40 < ElPasmo> Hi again, is there any documentation about posts sections? I've only found https://getnikola.com/blog/new-feature-in-nikola-sections.html but I'm not beeing able to create a landing page for a section. All I've managed to achieve is a listing of posts but I don't know how to modify it
15:43 <+ChrisWarrick> ElPasmo: there are templates for sections, and also some config variables that might be enough
15:44 < ElPasmo> ChrisWarrick: yeas Chris, I have a question though, is there a way to put a brief introductory text/image on the landing page of each section?
15:45 < ElPasmo> I think not, that all I can touch is metadata and define a specific post.tmpl for each post of a section
15:51 < ElPasmo> ChrisWarrick: I don't know if a combination of POSTS_SECTION_DESCRIPTIONS and sectionindex.tmpl is a good idea because if I use html there, maybe is not the right thing to do for metadata? (bit lost here) :)
16:52 <+ChrisWarrick> ElPasmo: I honestly don’t know
16:52 < ElPasmo> ChrisWarrick: ok, ty anyway, I'm trying to figure it out :)
16:52 <+ChrisWarrick> ElPasmo: POST_SECTIONS_DESCRIPTIONS should be of help, though
16:53 < ElPasmo> ChrisWarrick: Yes, I'm on it, but I fear to abuse it :P
16:53 <+ChrisWarrick> ElPasmo: don’t
16:54 < ElPasmo> ChrisWarrick: ok ty
16:54 <+ChrisWarrick> ElPasmo: throw any HTML you like, it should work
16:55 < ElPasmo> ChrisWarrick: only one question then, POST_SECTIONS_DESCRIPTIONS is not used at all by default, is it?
16:55 <+ChrisWarrick> ElPasmo: it should be in the template somewhere
16:56 < ElPasmo> I've managed to use it at sectionindex.tmpl, my only concern is that it is used somewhere else without me noticing it
17:23 <+ChrisWarrick> ElPasmo: We might use it in the meta description tag, read the sources please
18:01 < ElPasmo> ChrisWarrick: yes, ty