Logs for #nikola for 2016-01-12

08:14:58 <StyXman> I'm having problems running nikola with py2, is it py3 only now?
08:16:13 <StyXman> ah, I see
15:18:40 <ChrisWarrick> (we aren't py3 only just yet)
15:58:58 <ChrisWarrick> !tell StyXman The latest version of Nikola does support Python 2.7, but we are going to remove that soon.
15:58:58 <KwBot> ChrisWarrick: acknowledged.
16:29:13 <zlatan> ChrisWarrick, does that mean nikola is going to be Python3 only?
16:29:22 <ChrisWarrick> zlatan: it is
16:29:35 <zlatan> ChrisWarrick, beer on me if we ever meet!
16:29:44 <ChrisWarrick> zlatan: thanks!
16:30:28 <ChrisWarrick> zlatan: (see our blog for details)
16:32:49 <zlatan> very very cool!
16:34:50 <zlatan> argh, I really need to make up some time and probably take over the nikola debian package
16:35:37 <ChrisWarrick> zlatan: Oh, you could do that?
16:35:54 <ChrisWarrick> zlatan: That would be awesome. And it doesn’t need that much maintenance
16:36:27 <zlatan> yeah, I know maintainers and they would give it to me (talked to them on debconf15 in germany)
16:38:26 <zlatan> hm currently in debian it is unreproducible, has a lot of lintian warnings too
16:38:43 <zlatan> also I know at least one dependency that they miss (python-markdown) 
16:38:59 <zlatan> not their fault - they don't have much time and I think they don't use it anymore
16:39:06 <zlatan> btw the user statistics
16:39:14 <zlatan> debian popcon shows 74
16:39:40 <zlatan> so that is more then 37 in nikola's blog post
16:39:55 <zlatan> s/then/than
16:42:03 <zlatan> btw, I really love nikola - damn it is easy to blog with it (and all I want is easy and python if possible)
17:03:43 <erdgeist_> true that
17:24:03 <ralsina> zlatan, erdgeist_: cool :-)
17:52:51 <zlatan> ralsina, you also have beer on me if we ever meet!
17:53:15 <ralsina> zlatan: well, thanks! Location? I'll add you to my "people that owe me beer" map ;-)
17:53:24 <ralsina> j/k I don'thave such a map
17:53:28 * ralsina starts such map
17:54:00 <zlatan> ralsina, currently bosnia ;) but you can catch me in slovenia, austria, germany (in start of july probably also south africa) :)
17:57:57 <ralsina> zlatan: no plans to leave the western hemisphere this year, but you never know. Will ping ;-)
17:58:39 <zlatan> ralsina, maybe I come to San Francisco, Portland and D.C. ;)
17:58:57 <ralsina> zlatan: DC ... I will be in NYC in late march
17:59:04 <ralsina> not really close enough for beer :-)
17:59:43 <zlatan> on world map it seems that it is close to d.c.
18:00:07 <ralsina> zlatan: about a day's drive
18:00:32 <zlatan> no more world maps for me then
18:00:41 * zlatan throws map into garbage
18:02:29 <ralsina> well, 4 / 5 hours drive, but ten one has to go back :-)