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03:13:54 <SteveDrees> sesquipedalian: they matter
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18:32:35 <Cha0> hello all
18:34:09 <Cha0> i'm making a flask website, but i want a blog... will nikola fit my needs? i'm guessing for the rest of the site, it will still be flask, but somehow i will use nikola for the specific /blog.
18:45:25 <sesquipedalian> ok I am so confused about conf.py https://getnikola.com/handbook.html#customizing-your-site shows submenus being used without the massive spaces and formatting that the conf.py file itself suggests in its commented lines.
18:45:41 <sesquipedalian> maybe I need to learn python to config this, idk. This is confusing
18:48:24 <ChrisWarrick> sesquipedalian: You should learn basic Python syntax to configure Nikola.
18:49:01 <ChrisWarrick> sesquipedalian: In the case of variable definitions (like here), whitespace is insignificant (which is an exception to general Python)
18:49:36 <ChrisWarrick> Cha0: This could work out, although you will need to do some extra work in order to make them look similar.
18:51:47 <sesquipedalian> mmk ty based chris
18:54:15 <ChrisWarrick> Cha0: You might want to look at Coil CMS, which uses Nikola’s templates with Flask, although it’s one big hack there
18:55:07 <Cha0> ChrisWarrick: Let me explain exactly what I want. I'm basically looking for the best way to have a blog on a flask site. So that I don't lose any webapp capability (one page may have a survey for instance that sends the info to mysql) but I also can easily (wordpress/tumblr styled easy) write a new blog post. The reason for this is so that when I start my webdesign company, and someone wants Wordpress like
18:55:09 <Cha0> functionality, I can just use python/flask/something else for the blog. I could be looking at this all wrong, im pretty new, but if u have the best recommendation for this, would love to hear it
18:56:39 <ChrisWarrick> Cha0: You could try hacking something together with Nikola, Coil CMS, and custom Flask webapps, but honestly, I think you would be better off using Django and any of the thousands Django blog modules out there (or writing your own in an hour).
18:57:44 <Cha0> ChrisWarrick: Yea, was thinking that may be my only option. I took a look at django and didn't like how complicated it made what flask does seem lol
18:58:17 <ChrisWarrick> Cha0: That’s probably because you haven’t added a database and user authentication to your Flask application yet.
18:58:46 <ChrisWarrick> Cha0: Flask is very simple at first, but then you pull in extension modules, most of which have arcane APIs, and end up with a pile of spaghetti code.
18:59:26 <ChrisWarrick> Cha0: Case in point: https://github.com/getnikola/nikola-users/tree/master/sites vs https://github.com/getnikola/nikola-users/blob/e63765216fa3ebc01caade22715a91582844c630/app.py
19:03:09 <Cha0> ChrisWarrick: Ok, thanks. I will start learning django then. I have one more noob question though. Really noob lol
19:03:12 <ChrisWarrick> Cha0: go on!
19:04:31 <Cha0> Django/Flask are good for web apps. Which means they can change and present information based on user driven data, right? And Nikola is good for, say, creating a personal website? I know, really noob, but I'm trying to organize all this in my head and Nikola may still be useful for me
19:05:05 <Cha0> a personal website with a blog, gallery, but info doesn't change per visitor
19:07:15 <Cha0> and is it easy to accept information on a nikola page? to act on that info (send to mysql, present a customized page)? I'm guessing the latter (customized) would be a lot harder than the first (recieve data).
19:07:28 <ChrisWarrick> Cha0: This can be done by both Nikola and Django/Flask/PHP. A Django/Flask/PHP site might be easier to update (because they have an admin panel, although we do too — Coil CMS), but in order to use Flask/Django/PHP, you need a web server with support. Static sites come with other benefits: https://getnikola.com/handbook.html#why-static
19:08:00 <ChrisWarrick> Cha0: Accepting information is possible, if you write a small web application/PHP script, or use an off-the-shelf comments/contact/forms/etc solution
19:10:04 <Cha0> Ok, thanks! After looking at python webhosts, I def like the idea of static sites. So it's correct to look at Nikola as a competitor to flask? Because if it is, I may just learn nikola instead of django :P
19:10:40 <ChrisWarrick> Cha0: no.
19:11:53 <Cha0> ah, ok.. im going to stop being lazy and play around with nikola to see what it does (one page tut!!). I'll figure it all out. Thx!
19:11:54 <ChrisWarrick> Cha0: While some things can be done by both, a static website can’t handle user input by itself (it needs a dynamic component to do that). Dynamic websites are also required when you want user authentication and interaction.
19:12:27 <sesquipedalian> w00 I got a submenu working!
19:12:29 <Cha0> Ok, that makes sense.
19:13:40 <Cha0> Is there a commonly used dynamic component for nikola? I'm guessing I could use php or pure python
19:13:44 <ChrisWarrick> Cha0: Nikola will let you build a blog with comments, or a website with pre-defined comments, and you could add a contact form using google forms/etc.  Django will let you do that, but the comment form will work standalone, and you will also be able to create much more.  Blogs, news and education websites (that are not Wikipedia or wikis) could be static. Anything else isn’t.
19:13:57 <ChrisWarrick> Cha0: This depends on yojur needs.  
19:14:44 <ChrisWarrick> Cha0: Flask is perfect for this (but needs all the config required to get Flask working on a web server). Django is too much. PHP is simpler to set up, but still an awful language.  We do have some special support for creating PHP pages with Nikola.
19:16:03 <sesquipedalian> is it my irc client or are all of your apostrophes "'" actually question marks. "?"
19:18:07 <Cha0> I think I understand. If someone wants a website for their used car business, Nikola. If someone wants their own Twitter, Flask/Django? If so, cool cool cool
19:19:06 <Cha0> (all used car sites tend to be very static imo) Thanks for the help and patience!
19:26:33 <ChrisWarrick> this is correct, but many other static sites (mainly, blogs!) can be done with Nikola (or other static site generators)
19:27:27 <ChrisWarrick> sesquipedalian: It is your IRC client. Set your encoding to UTF-8. I’m using the “correct” characters from Unicode instead of the "simple" characters from ASCII.
19:28:22 <sesquipedalian> kk
19:30:09 <Cha0> i understand. time to play around with it. or watch some more youtube poker... decisions
19:31:36 <gour> Cha0: you can try mezzanine which is kind of WP done in Django
19:32:10 <gour> http://mezzanine.jupo.org/
19:34:23 <Cha0> gour: Thanks, will check it out. I'm probably going to spend today and the next few writing the same site using django, nikola, and flask. They all seem like good tools with specific uses where they shine