Logs for #nikola for 2015-12-31

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12:42:54 <KwBot> [nikola-themes] mandarvaze opened issue #64: Material Theme not python3 compatible ? https://github.com/getnikola/nikola-themes/issues/64
12:56:33 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: how about nuking the comments for themes and plugins? it would be much more productive to make people create issues
16:13:01 <humitos> hello everybody
16:14:31 <ChrisWarrick> hello
16:15:02 <humitos> I'm having an issue with the gallery images order... I want to get them ordered by DATE but for some reason (after a Nikola version upgrade to 7.7.4) it stop working properly. I realized than when the "render_gallery" is called and it copies the .jpg to the "output/" directory, the EXIF information is not there anymore (in the new copied file by "render_gallery")
16:17:23 <humitos> do you have any clue?
16:20:07 <ChrisWarrick> humitos: Those images are bigger than 1280p → image scaling → exif data lost
16:21:34 <ChrisWarrick> humitos: try making MAX_IMAGE_SIZE larger, and you might want to report a bug
16:21:55 <humitos> ChrisWarrick: was it like that in the past? or it's a new restriction?
16:22:27 <ChrisWarrick> humitos: not really, maybe it’s something else
16:23:01 <humitos> ChrisWarrick: let me check, I will try what you are saying
16:23:35 <humitos> one of the images is 4608 × 3456
16:24:41 <humitos> ChrisWarrick: btw, why the data is lost if the image is re-scaled?
16:24:59 <ChrisWarrick> humitos: dunno, this was a guess
16:25:15 <ChrisWarrick> (based on animated gif issues in the mailing list)
16:26:01 <humitos> ah, ok
16:59:07 <humitos> ChrisWarrick: well, yeah... as you supposed... if I re-scale the image to 1024x I get them ordered by date
16:59:16 <humitos> ChrisWarrick: should I open an issue?
18:06:15 <KwBot> [nikola-themes] mandarvaze opened issue #65: Better documentation for Social links in floating action button https://github.com/getnikola/nikola-themes/issues/65
18:14:33 <ChrisWarrick> humitos: issues are free
18:18:05 <humitos> ChrisWarrick: really??? :P
18:18:23 <ChrisWarrick> humitos: just create one, it looks like we need some fixes to the scaling thing
18:18:27 <humitos> ChrisWarrick: ok, I'll do it... at least just as a documentation history
18:21:50 -GitHub[themes]:#nikola- [nikola-themes] mandarvaze opened pull request #66: Fixes python3 compatibility issue mentioned in #64 (master...patch-1) http://git.io/vuvOd
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18:22:47 -GitHub[themes]:#nikola- nikola-themes/master 3942b40 Mandar Vaze: Fixes python3 compatibility issue mentioned in #64...
18:22:47 -GitHub[themes]:#nikola- nikola-themes/master a058f70 Chris Warrick: Merge pull request #66 from mandarvaze/patch-1...
18:27:17 <KwBot> [nikola] humitos opened issue #2202: Duplicate images in galleries https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2202
18:33:42 <ChrisWarrick> humitos: what about the ordering thing?
18:35:57 <humitos> ChrisWarrick: wait... I'm just doing some test more to be sure :)
18:36:18 <humitos> ChrisWarrick: meanwhile, I reported another bug ;)
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