Logs for #nikola for 2015-12-19

03:38:58 <krishnab_> @gour are you really going to build a foundation 6 theme? that is kinda a big deal :). bigtime enhancement.
05:31:00 <acetakwas> hi
05:31:57 <acetakwas> Should my blog name come before my name or the other way round: http://takwas.github.io/ ?
05:32:14 <acetakwas> what I'm saying is      ac3Takwas | reBLOGitation <<<< OR >>>> reBLOGitation | ac3Takwas
05:39:04 <Aeyoun> acetakwas: how about picking just one of them?
05:39:34 <Aeyoun> The "blog" is the entity you present on that page. You may have a sub-page with your name on it representing just you.
05:40:07 <acetakwas> Got the idea from http://research.swtch.com/
05:43:00 <acetakwas> Aeyoun::  you there?
05:43:21 <acetakwas> Actually the reBLOGitations is a play on the word regurgitations
05:43:58 <acetakwas> So I thought ac3Takwas' regurgitations
15:44:03 <Aeyoun> azazel: I’m here
15:44:15 * Aeyoun is in CET
16:08:46 <azazel> Aeyoun: me too, in CET too :-)
21:57:59 <guillom> Hey folks. If I have X as my default language, and Y as a translation language, is it possible to have a post in Y but not in X? I'm testing and I see the post appearing in both X and Y indexes.
22:08:59 <Aeyoun> guillom: yes, setting called … something "show untranslated"? Look in conf.py.
22:09:46 <guillom> Ah, yes, there's SHOW_UNTRANSLATED_POSTS ; but I thought it was for the reverse (X but not Y). I'll test.
22:15:45 <guillom> Yeah, it seems that option is if you have a post in X (default language) and not in Y (no translation), then X will be shown in the Y index. But if you have Y and no X, the option changes nothing, and my Y post shows on both the X index and the Y index. Unless I'm doing something wrong.
22:20:53 <guillom> I'm a bit torn. Nikola does so many  things the way I want them to be done and this is saving me a lot of time, but there are a few assumptions made in the code that I'm spending a lot of time trying to work around :/ (like having a translation without a parent, or having the text for each post in a separate folder, etc.) 
22:34:30 <Aeyoun> guillom: try going with the flow instead?
22:35:51 <guillom> Aeyoun: I'm trying; I can live with having posts in a flat folder instead of subdirectories, if that's what I need to do to use Nikola :) But if I'm not able to have content in a translation language without having a source in the default language, that's a pretty big issue for me.
22:40:40 <Aeyoun> guillom: that sounds very weird. You should be able to have totally different content in each language.
22:41:10 <guillom> I'm new at this, so it's very possible I'm doing something wrong. I'll try again with a clean copy.
22:57:58 <guillom> Nope, I can reproduce this.
22:58:15 <guillom> I'll open an issue with the details, to see if it's me doing something wrong or not.
23:00:19 <guillom> Hmm, never mind. I'm should just get my eyes checked :)
23:00:51 <guillom> Maybe it was a cache issue. I'll make sure I clean every time while I test.
23:03:21 * guillom goes afk for a while, apparently needs a break!