Logs for #nikola for 2015-12-16

00:53:41 <krishnab_> say, I was looking at a tutorial on creating a nikola website or static page: https://getnikola.com/creating-a-site-not-a-blog-with-nikola.html . But I was wondering if this page will display my blog posts? I kinda like those blog that have the page with the short blog headings + preview, and then you can click on a particular post and it opens up that page. Can you do this with nikola?
01:01:04 <azazel> krishnab_: that you are describing is a standard blog site, the page you are referring to is for building a site where the documents at the root of the site and the index.html aren't blog posts but "normal pages", possibly with all the blog posts moved from the root to the /blog sub-"dir"
10:50:57 <Aeyoun> krishnab`: look at the documentation for the POSTS and PAGES settings.
10:51:17 <Aeyoun> The second argument of POSTS is the "output directory", so set that to "blog", for example.
10:52:28 <azazel> it's on page krishnab` was referring
16:31:18 <krishnab`> Okay, I can do that. Thanks @azazel and @Aeyoun . I was just wondering if there is a way to make a nicer cover page that will reference all of the posts. 
16:31:43 <krishnab`> Here is an example of something from the pelican static generator for reference. https://github.com/nairobilug/pelican-alchemy/tree/43f23f05b9adc0c6bf18d2f4ebd47771a7fe8f4a
16:40:23 <ChrisWarrick> krishnab`: The screenshot shows a fancy theme with a regular index (maybe without pagination, and that would be awful).  You can reproduce it with Nikola really easily.
16:41:26 <krishnab`> Yeah, that was just an example. Glad that I can build something like this. Would this be part of building a theme or would this just be some setting in creating a nikola static page?
16:42:18 <ChrisWarrick> krishnab`: It would need to be an entire new theme…
16:42:43 <ChrisWarrick> krishnab`: (you could try customizing an existing one to look the way you want; though — look at https://themes.getnikola.com/ for inspiration
20:17:43 <Aeyoun> krishnab`: no problem. set POSTS = {"posts/*.format", "blog", "posts.tmpl"} and PAGES = {"pages/index.html", "", "front_page.tmpl"}
20:17:57 <Aeyoun> krishnab`: then make a new template front_page.tmpl just for that page.
20:20:56 <GQg5hHvOYFISEoe> @Aeyoun, oh that makes sense. I see what you mean now. That is great. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
20:28:42 <gour> i've decided to use nikola as my ssg, but as former hugo user this might be interesting to skim through for nikola devs: https://discuss.gohugo.io/t/roadmap-to-hugo-v1-0/2278/7
20:34:32 <GQg5hHvOYFISEoe> yeah, that looks interesting. I was looking at hugo initially too, but then I really need to the support for uploading ipython notebooks as blogs. So that is kinda important for me. 
20:36:39 <Aeyoun> GQg5hHvOYFISEoe: you’re welcome. The theme will still depend on base.tmpl. You can move the wrappers from base.tmpl into posts.tmpl and the other templates if you want a totally and completely different markup for your home page, but you probably want to keep some shared structure (like menus and header) with the rest of your site — so you probably only
20:36:40 <Aeyoun> need to create and style one new template (front_page.tmpl).
20:36:47 <Aeyoun> Good  luck. :-)
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21:34:37 <Aeyoun> Spam pull request.
21:34:43 <Aeyoun> First I’ve ever seen.
21:46:04 <GQg5hHvOYFISEoe> spammers are doing pull requests now too?