Logs for #nikola for 2015-12-09

20:53:40 <queso> When I create a new post using pandoc and configuring it to use latex, new pages start with:
20:53:43 <queso> <!--
20:53:46 <queso> .. title: Test
20:53:48 <queso> etc.
20:54:00 <queso> Nikola successfully picks up those hints.
20:54:28 <queso> Unfortunately, <!-- is not a valid comment format for tex/latex, so the post ends up with all that metadata garbled at the top of the post.
20:54:43 <queso> tex/latex comments start with the % character.  If I reformat it to read:
20:54:46 <queso> % title: Test
20:54:49 <queso> % slug: test
20:54:56 <queso> then it doesn't pick up the metadata.
20:55:11 <queso> What's the right way to fix this?
20:55:30 <queso> (The tex/latex is correctly being converted to html :) )
21:02:19 <queso> Ah, maybe separate metadata is the way to go. :)
21:08:15 <benaiah> when "nikola auto" tries to update styles, it just strips out all styles on the page and I have to refresh (I'm using sass in my theme, and changing the sass is triggering the update). any suggestions on how to fix this?