Logs for #nikola for 2015-12-05

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17:28:11 <omanomanooer> would you guys recommend the git version or the normal nikola-python on the AUR 
17:28:19 <omanomanooer> also what is that nikola-python2 thing
17:35:14 <ChrisWarrick> omanomanooer: Use python-nikola, ignore everything else
17:35:23 <ChrisWarrick> omanomanooer: python2-nikola is a mistake from the past
17:40:06 <omanomanooer> what is the benefit of all this git stuff tho >_>
17:42:42 <omanomanooer> mmk it is installed now. I have every version of python ever o_o
17:45:11 <ChrisWarrick> omanomanooer: (For various reasons, you will get the python2 packages, too.  Ignore them.)
17:45:33 <ChrisWarrick> omanomanooer: The -git versions can be used by people who like living on the bleeding edge and want to use the most recent git master
17:46:51 <omanomanooer> mmk
17:53:52 <omanomanooer> so the development server is for testing and nikola simply builds all of the html and assets and you host it like you would any files / site with httpd n stuff?
17:58:39 <ChrisWarrick> omanomanooer: yeah, you just use apache/nginx/… with output/ in your web root
18:01:00 <omanomanooer> this is a really cool idea / thing :D
18:01:19 <omanomanooer> but did I just install nikola-python on my vps for no reason at all. since I could generate and test locally then upload the files
18:01:20 <omanomanooer> ;_;
18:01:43 <ChrisWarrick> with Nikola on your VPS, you can blog from all over the world
18:03:09 <omanomanooer> so the main problem to tackle is having it be able to build and automatically update the files for apache or w/e I decide to use.
18:05:54 <ChrisWarrick> nikola build && nikola deploy
18:06:02 <ChrisWarrick> (with the correct deployment commands in conf.py)
18:06:11 <omanomanooer> ah kk, so this has all been thought of
18:06:25 <omanomanooer> and coil is a CMS that simply handles the html files generated?
18:07:25 <ChrisWarrick> Coil is a CMS that edits input (posts/ stories/) and that runs Nikola to generate pages.  Coil does not handle deployment (you have to point your httpd at OUTPUT_FOLDER)
18:12:17 <omanomanooer> so coil CMS is not something that you want accessible to the public / outside
18:12:23 <omanomanooer> not like wordpress for example
18:15:33 <ChrisWarrick> coil cms is something like wordpress’ /wp-admin/
18:28:05 <omanomanooer> mmk
18:28:07 <omanomanooer> are you a dev?
18:32:36 <ChrisWarrick> yes
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18:36:23 <ChrisWarrick> omanomanooer: https://getnikola.com/contact.html#administrators
18:40:47 <omanomanooer> POLAND!
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19:58:00 <ChrisWarrick> omanomanooer: and where do you live?
20:00:14 <Aeyoun> I find it somewhat odd that in gaming, you can easily recognize Poles by their username ending in "_pl". You don’t really see people from other nations do the same thing to such a great extent as the Poles. Must be a lot of national pride going on.
20:01:42 <ChrisWarrick> Which is reflected by my former nickname, oddly enough.
20:02:02 <omanomanooer> ChrisWarrick, not poland. But I appreciate that you are one of the few euro countries that aren't cucked nowadays
20:02:06 <omanomanooer> poland strong!
20:02:09 <ChrisWarrick> You can recognize spanish speakers by “jajaja”, for example.  And Russians by suka blyat.
20:02:13 <ChrisWarrick> omanomanooer: I hate our new government.
20:02:30 <ChrisWarrick> omanomanooer: Saying the above line will soon be illegal if a new “anti-terrorism law” passes.
20:02:47 <omanomanooer> ?
20:03:17 <ChrisWarrick> criticizing gov’t == terrorism
20:03:43 <omanomanooer> of course, I saw that 50,000 march with the flares and the flags though
20:03:45 <omanomanooer> that was badass
20:04:04 <ChrisWarrick> november 11?  Neonazis.
20:04:17 <omanomanooer> -_-
20:05:08 <ChrisWarrick> (yes, I am very opinionated.)
20:05:29 <omanomanooer> atleast you aren't like sweden yet
20:05:32 <omanomanooer> >rape capital of the world
20:05:37 <omanomanooer> sweden yes!
20:07:24 <Aeyoun> "Ja" means "yes" in all the scandinavian languages
20:08:09 <Aeyoun> ChrisWarrick: what was the rational for appending your country of origin to your username?
20:09:10 <omanomanooer> because poland stronk :D
20:21:21 <Aeyoun> Strong? … and what does that have to do with anything?
20:21:29 <omanomanooer> it is a meme
20:21:32 <omanomanooer> russia stronk
20:21:33 <omanomanooer> you know
20:21:41 <Aeyoun> Right.
20:22:23 <omanomanooer> So how did you guys get together to make nikola? Was it just sort of something that happened or was it planned before it was started
20:48:47 <omanomanooer> so for the nikola testing server. I could create iptables rules and host it on a very specific port so I can access it safely remotely right?
20:48:51 <omanomanooer> or is there a better way
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