Logs for #nikola for 2015-12-04

09:38:23 <psYchotic> Hello everyone. I installed Nikola just a few days ago, and I'm looking for a bit of help. I chose Nikola because it has support (through a plugin) for asciidoc. I just can't figure out how to use path handlers with it
09:39:12 <psYchotic> is it even possible? It seems the syntax is converted by asciidoc(tor) before Nikola can do anything with it
14:25:09 <ChrisWarrick> psYchotic: To be honest, we are not asciidoc experts.  What path handlers do you mean?  link://foo/bar things should be handled by Nikola, and they will work as long as nobody will change the link before
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15:00:26 <psYchotic> ChrisWarrick: I mean the link://slug/my-slug-name-here thingies =)
15:00:43 <psYchotic> https://getnikola.com/path-handlers.html
15:00:55 <ChrisWarrick> psYchotic: this is a nikola magic link, that should work *UNLESS* asciidoc messes with it
15:01:41 <psYchotic> ChrisWarrick: link:anything is exactly the asciidoc way of making a link, so I guess it clashes
15:02:09 <ChrisWarrick> psYchotic: link:https://getnikola.com/ for example?
15:03:30 <psYchotic> ChrisWarrick: yup. Although you'll usually do something like link:google.com[Click here to go to google]. URLs will usually get autoconverted to links
15:03:51 <ChrisWarrick> Try link://slug/foobar  or  link:link://slug/foobar ; if that does not work then we can’t do anything about it, sorry
15:04:17 <ChrisWarrick> (unless you could add some raw HTML <a> element)
15:08:53 <psYchotic> ChrisWarrick: that actually works!
15:08:59 <ChrisWarrick> psYchotic: woohoo!
15:09:10 <psYchotic> the link:link://slug/slug-name thing =)
15:09:50 <psYchotic> by the way, any idea where I might look in the source for where these path handlers are invoked?
15:11:54 <psYchotic> because at first, it seemee like Nikola would handle the literal "link://slug/some-slug" text, whereas now you lead me to believe it handles anchors with those special hrefs
15:13:40 <psYchotic> ChrisWarrick: Might I suggest adding some mention of this workaround in the asciidoc plugin?
15:14:05 <ChrisWarrick> psYchotic: do you want to do a pull request yourself or shall I do it?
15:15:47 <psYchotic> I'll do a pull request. Expect it sometime today =)
15:16:02 <psYchotic> ChrisWarrick: thanks for helping out!
15:16:11 <psYchotic> I'll be on my way now
15:16:16 <ChrisWarrick> psYchotic: you’re welcome!
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20:30:42 <Aeyoun> https://fedoramagazine.org/help-port-python-packages-python-3/
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