Logs for #nikola for 2015-11-27

04:41:39 <polyzen> i'm using bundles and no cdn. my bundles file generates all-nocdn.css, all.css, and all-nocdn.js
04:42:00 <polyzen> ..shouldn't the rest of the files under output/assets be orphans..
04:53:46 <polyzen> apparently getting the font is taking the most time.. installing locally to see if it'll just grab it from there automagic-like
04:54:06 <polyzen> though i have no idea how or why that would work
04:54:26 <polyzen> yep. nope.
07:28:05 <ChrisWarrick> skinnay: you can use isso and Nikola on the same server, just make sure they use a different port or host name.
07:29:39 <ChrisWarrick> skinnay: as for the host setting, it is the address you set isso up at. Note it must be available on the public Internet if you want your blog there, too
07:30:47 <ChrisWarrick> polyzen: no idea what you mean. why would those files be orphans? Are they listed in your bundles file, do they exist right now?
12:05:13 <ralsina> skinnay: isso is software you have to run yourself. Their quickstart guide explains how to run it. The author is called posativ and is often around here in freenode
13:18:38 <azazel> hi guys
13:21:33 <ralsina> hello azazel
13:23:46 <azazel> i'm trying to build a new theme with base-jinja as base  and now i have just the dir themes/mytheme containing the files "engine" and "base" having the right values. The build of the demo site fails with an exception on missing template file listing.tmpl. If i remember correctly  from my previous experiences with nikola, there was this "cascading" feature regarding templates lookup so that the missing templates would have been searched
13:24:00 <azazel> in the "base" theme and so on, something has changed in that regard?
13:33:59 <ralsina> azazel: add parent
13:34:12 <ralsina> azazel: a file called parent with base-jinja in one line inside it
13:37:44 <skinnay> ChrisWarrick: "as for the host setting, it is the address you set isso up at" but it says in the comments the host variable is where you set your website/blog up, and it is not the location of isso
13:44:13 <azazel> hello ralsina, can you help me?
13:44:33 <ralsina> azazel: yes, did you try what I mentioned?
13:55:52 <azazel> ralsina: i've found the problem ;-)
13:58:09 <azazel> ralsina: yes thanks, i've wrongly named it "base" instead of "parent", thanks
14:18:27 <ChrisWarrick> skinnay: then it might just be misdocumented
14:25:19 <skinnay_mobile> posativ was helping me in isso's chat, he said the 'listen' variable under [server] is the location of isso
14:26:05 <skinnay_mobile> which is localhost:8080 by default, so that's what the comment system id should be for testing it locally
14:27:10 <ChrisWarrick> > For isso, it is the URL of isso (must be world-accessible, encoded with Punycode (if using Internationalized Domain Names) and have a trailing slash, default http://localhost:8080/)
14:28:21 <skinnay_mobile> yeah I saw that, I was able to get isso embedded but cant submit comments, which is probably not related to nikola
14:29:37 <skinnay_mobile> on an unrelated note I tried installing the rest_html5 plugin last night and now I keep getting some error about Ascii not being able to decode a character because it isn't in ordinal range(128)
14:29:58 <skinnay_mobile> when I run nikola serve
14:30:17 <skinnay_mobile> although it still serves like it did before
14:32:26 <ChrisWarrick> skinnay_mobile: check your web browser’s JS console for errors
14:33:09 <ChrisWarrick> skinnay_mobile: Are you on Python 2?
14:33:49 <skinnay_mobile> no, 3.5
14:35:15 <skinnay_mobile> ill check my console for errors when I'm home, I left for work hence the mobile nickname
14:35:52 <ChrisWarrick> skinnay_mobile: okay, post the serve traceback when you’re back
14:42:29 <skinnay_mobile> sure thing
17:48:47 <azazel> hi guys
17:51:04 <azazel> what do you use to look at the nikola site locally? because trying it out i found that base href setting that interferes with the loading of the external js & css also when the output is loaded with a file:// scheme
17:54:02 <ChrisWarrick> azazel: nikola serve / nikola auto
17:55:33 <azazel> ChrisWarrick: yes, thanks, it appears that the index.html file gets hacked and the base setting gets commented out
17:55:42 <ChrisWarrick> azazel: pretty much, yes
21:49:34 <skinnay> https://dpaste.de/zkSK
21:51:51 <skinnay> i get this basically any time i run a nikola command now