Logs for #nikola for 2015-11-26

00:17:29 <skinnay> hello there, is anyone able to help me get isso comments working with nikola?
16:13:06 <polyzen> what's this supposed to do https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/blob/master/nikola/data/themes/bootstrap3/templates/base.tmpl#L77-L90
16:35:29 <polyzen> what do i need to add to bundles to get the dropdown to work :|
17:21:07 <polyzen> it's not js, is it?
17:55:47 <polyzen> where's a list of all the possible bundles?
18:10:07 <polyzen> i suppose i should check with webassets
18:12:37 <polyzen> nope?
18:32:41 <ralsina> polyzen: there is no list of possible bundles
18:32:46 <ralsina> you can create any bundle you want
18:33:10 <ralsina> polyzen: bundles are just a way to create a file bundling a few CSS or JS files
18:34:33 <polyzen> figured it out :p
18:35:27 <polyzen> i think. any idea what needs to included for dropdown in the nav, ralsina?
18:35:34 <polyzen> to be*
18:35:41 <ralsina> polyzen: bootstrap.js
18:35:46 <ralsina> polyzen: jquery I suppose
18:35:54 <ralsina> since bootstrap.js is a set of jquery plugins
18:36:03 <polyzen> js for a dropdown >.<
18:36:26 <ralsina> yes, also jquery: http://getbootstrap.com/javascript/
18:36:40 <polyzen> :\
18:36:43 <polyzen> thank you :p
18:36:44 <ralsina> polyzen: complaint at getbootstrap.com :)
18:36:48 <polyzen> hehe
18:37:00 <ralsina> http://getbootstrap.com/javascript/#dropdowns
19:35:32 <polyzen> what's this supposed to do https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/blob/master/nikola/data/themes/bootstrap3/templates/base.tmpl#L77-L90
19:40:30 * polyzen forgot about git blame
20:07:26 <ralsina> polyzen: 1) do the colorbox thing to certain images (mostly, the figure directive in rst) 2) make dates look nice 3) add extra javascript provided by each template 4) support annotations if you enable it
20:29:30 <polyzen> thank you :)
20:29:48 <polyzen> messing with bundles has been frustrating lol. my site loads in under 320ms so.. meh
20:30:34 <polyzen> like, why does bootstraps3/bundles use bootstrap.css and not bootstrap.min.css?
20:31:11 <polyzen> what uses bootstrap-theme.css..
20:32:14 <polyzen> not sure why that doesn't belong in the bundles file as well
20:45:04 <ralsina> bootstrap-theme.css I think enables gradient backgrounds in some UI elements
20:54:23 <polyzen> i see
20:54:38 <polyzen> i suppose i can't bundle fonts?
20:55:44 <ralsina> no, just CSS and JS
20:56:10 <polyzen> also wth [26/Nov/2015 15:51:01] code 400, message Bad request syntax ('\x16\x03\x01\x00º\x01\x00\
20:56:12 <polyzen> x00¶\x03\x03\x94ÐÿÿÀ¥\x9bÃ,S5ÿ)Bݦi$y\x1bTfÄ\x9b\x89*Læî-¿:\x00\x00\x16À+À/')
20:56:14 <polyzen> [26/Nov/2015 15:51:01] "º¶”ÐÿÿÀ¥›Ã,S5ÿ)Bݦi$yfě‰*Læî-¿:À+À/À" 400 -
20:56:16 <polyzen> that's what happens when i try to load the current rendition in firefox. it loads in chrome..
20:56:23 <polyzen> i see
20:56:42 <ralsina> I have no idea what you are talking about :-)
21:06:00 <polyzen> ralsina, i accidentally was trying to connect to https which caused a bunch of jibberish in my terminal. had to run `reset` :p
21:06:15 <polyzen> for `nikola serve`
21:33:47 <skinnay> what is the COMMENT_SYSTEM_ID variable supposed to be for isso comments? the handbook says "the URL of isso (must be world-accessible, encoded with Punycode" but i don't know what that means
21:44:15 <ralsina> the URL of your isso server IIRC
21:46:00 <ralsina> skinnay: for example, it ends up being ${comment_system_id}js/embed.min.js
21:46:38 <ralsina> so if your URL for isso's embed.min.js is //comments.example.tld/js/embed.min.js then your COMMENT_SYSTEM_ID should be //comments.example.tld/
21:48:12 <skinnay> well currently i'm trying to see if it can work locally, and i don't know what's considered the URL of isso. the 'host' variable in isso.conf says it's the url of the website, not the location of isso
21:48:54 <ralsina> skinnay: well, isso serves files in some URL. This is based off that URL. Can't help you there, maybe some isso people can :-)
21:49:17 <ralsina> skinnay: it's the "embedding" part of the isso docs
21:49:42 <ralsina> skinnay: http://posativ.org/isso/docs/quickstart/#integration
22:03:35 <skinnay> well the example.tld is supposed to be the url of the website, so that means the commend_system_id should be that as well. I have them both at since that's where nikola is serving the website locally, but i can't seem to submit comments
22:04:14 <skinnay> the comments section showsu p on the page i just can't submit any more comments
22:38:23 <ralsina> skinnay: do you have a
22:38:52 <ralsina> skinnay: I'm afraid that's all isso setup stuff I can't help you with
22:39:16 <ralsina> OTOH, if localhost:8000 is where you have nikola serve running, then isso will never work that way
22:39:26 <ralsina> because isso needs to run server-side 
23:21:13 <skinnay> does that mean i can't run them both locally?
23:22:44 <skinnay> i don't know where isso is running, i just know it asks for the host which is the website that it's supposed to be on, but that's not where isso is
23:23:01 <skinnay> but nikola wants me to specify where isso is, which i don't know 
23:23:05 <skinnay> sorry, i'm just so confused x.x