Logs for #nikola for 2015-11-25

01:16:54 <polyzen> is there a way to check for updates to your theme.. do they even get updated
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05:55:19 <polyzen> this is labeled as an example -- is it also the default? -- assets/css/all.css=bootstrap.css,rst.css,code.css,colorbox.css,custom.css
05:56:09 <polyzen> i'm using  =bootstrap.css,rst.css  and not getting the font for the navbar. only thing that seems to be missing :)
05:56:50 <polyzen> thought colorbox and these addons are apparently not orphans.. https://ptpb.pw/crbp.png
05:57:01 <polyzen> addons.. i'm tired
05:59:34 <polyzen> ..actually quite a bit isn't working
06:00:57 <polyzen> apparently all-nocdn.css wasn't an actual orphan..
06:01:22 <polyzen> though colorbox*
10:36:42 <KwBot> [nikola] KelSolaar opened issue #2182: Exception raised while nesting multiple levels of menus. https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2182
14:42:28 <ChrisWarrick> polyzen: we also recommend theme.css and code.css. What navbar font are you talking about?
14:46:57 <polyzen> i assumed code.css was for syntax highlighting
14:49:15 <polyzen> "GET /assets/css/all-nocdn.css HTTP/1.1" 404 -
14:49:23 <polyzen> added theme.css
15:43:21 <ralsina> polyzen: code.css is for syntax highlighting, yes
15:43:38 <ralsina> polyzen: if you get a 404 it means it's not being generated for some reason
15:43:54 <ralsina> polyzen: or not copied, or something
16:03:33 <KwBot> [nikola] Kwpolska assigned issue #2182 to Kwpolska: Exception raised while nesting multiple levels of menus. https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2182
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16:42:27 <polyzen> ralsina, that's from `nikola serve`
16:42:34 <polyzen> so i suppose it isn't being generated
16:42:50 <ralsina> polyzen: well, if the file is there, it's generated. If it's not there it's not.
16:42:59 <ralsina> polyzen: what's your bundles file?
16:43:08 <polyzen> i wouldn't have gotten a 404 if it was generated :p
16:43:53 <polyzen> ~/de/landing_page > cat themes/readable/bundlesassets/css/all.css=bootstrap.css,rst.css,theme.css
16:43:58 <polyzen> derp
16:44:15 <polyzen> assets/css/all.css=bootstrap.css,rst.css,theme.css
16:48:05 <ralsina> polyzen: so, why would it build a all-nocdn.css ? ;-)
16:48:59 <ralsina> polyzen: may I just suggest you disable bundles? It's really a minor optimization.
16:52:32 <polyzen> wat
16:53:24 <polyzen> ralsina, index.html has calls to all-nocdn.css and .js
16:53:43 <ralsina> polyzen: yes, but you are not creating that bundle
16:53:51 <polyzen> no kidding :p
16:54:00 <polyzen> so how do i keep index.html from asking for it
16:54:14 <ralsina> a) enable CDN
16:54:20 <ralsina> b) create it
16:54:27 <ralsina> c) edit your template
16:54:34 <ralsina> you choose your own adventure
16:54:50 <ralsina> For example, here is how bootstrap3 does it: https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/blob/master/nikola/data/themes/bootstrap3/bundles
16:56:41 <ralsina> polyzen: the themes' templates decide what CSS files to use. The theme just has to provide them.
17:01:48 <polyzen> why enable cdn if i'm trying to use bundles?
17:02:48 <polyzen> and i'm trying to limit all the excess stuff
17:02:57 <polyzen> eg. i don't even need jquery
17:03:16 <polyzen> ralsina
17:03:52 <ralsina> polyzen: because they are two orthogonal options, and it tries to support all possible settings.
17:04:28 <ralsina> if you don't want to use CDN but want to use bundles, fix your bundles file to build all-nocdn.css and js
17:05:16 <ralsina> and then fix your template to not load jquery etc
17:07:45 <polyzen> wee :p
17:08:04 <polyzen> i wouldn't mind using cdn, but figure it's faster this way
17:14:00 <ralsina> sure, just take it methodically, starting from the template, you can avoid bundles, CDN, etc, just use links to assets and it's simpler
17:18:28 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] Kwpolska pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/vB8Db
17:18:28 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/master 2a5e50e Chris Warrick: Bootstrap v3.3.6...
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18:50:04 <polyzen> ralsina, just feels like using bundles should handle that, but working on it
18:50:13 <polyzen> thank you :)
18:53:30 <ralsina> polyzen: np
18:59:29 <polyzen> is there a process for updating themes
19:08:22 <ralsina> polyzen: what do you mean by updating themes?
19:34:29 <polyzen> ralsina, updating my local copy of a theme
19:34:51 <polyzen> hrm
19:35:10 <ralsina> I don't understand. If you are using your theme, and you change it, rebuild the site and it will use the new version.
19:35:16 <polyzen> ralsina, i meant bootswatch themes
19:35:24 <ralsina> polyzen: ah
19:35:29 <polyzen> apparently mine has bootstrap 3.3.5
19:35:43 <polyzen> (though i'm not on master, so this doesn't yet make a difference)
19:35:46 <ralsina> polyzen: I don't know if bootsaswatch has switched yet
19:36:04 <ralsina> once they do, you need to recreate the theme, I think
19:36:11 <polyzen> okay
19:40:49 <polyzen> ralsina, sorry for the confusion :p
19:46:40 <ChrisWarrick> for bootswatch, just run nikola bootswatch_theme with the parametrs you ran it for the first time
22:01:58 <polyzen> ChrisWarrick, thank you
22:02:15 <polyzen> was wondering whether it'd overwrite the stuff i placed in there, but i suppose not