Logs for #nikola for 2015-11-19

03:00:56 <polyzen> is there some place ".. class::" and what-not are documented
03:05:03 <polyzen> i'm using "| blah" to get a "line-block", apparently, but i can't find where "line-block" is from, either.. i assume it's from bootstrap. https://lacto.se/index.rst
03:10:26 <erdgeist_> polyzen: http://docutils.sourceforge.net/docs/user/rst/cheatsheet.txt
03:10:47 <polyzen> E486: Pattern not found: line-block
03:10:59 <erdgeist_> But the class directive is
03:11:04 <polyzen> i mean, <div class="line-block"
03:11:15 <erdgeist_> polyzen: I was answerring one question at a time ;)
03:11:22 <polyzen> oh
03:11:54 <polyzen> erdgeist_, but i still see 0 mention of ".. class::" in the nikola docs
03:12:20 <erdgeist_> polyzen: Because this is not nikola, but restructured text
03:12:30 <polyzen> hrm
03:12:36 <erdgeist_> polyzen: nikola just instruments pandoc
03:12:51 <erdgeist_> polyzen: If rst is not your turf, use mark down or ... whatever
03:13:20 <polyzen> i did not know that rst had all this
03:13:37 <polyzen> i thought i read the cheatsheet already..
03:13:44 <polyzen> thank you :)
03:13:49 <erdgeist_> yw
03:14:17 <erdgeist_> excuse my brievity, juggling a baby with the other hand
03:14:29 <polyzen> :)
10:33:09 <ralsina> erdgeist_: restructured text in nikola is usually not provided via pandoc, though
10:33:15 <ralsina> but via docutils
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14:36:43 <ChrisWarrick> erdgeist_: what’s more, using pandoc is not recommended for rest and md
22:26:09 <erdgeist_> ChrisWarrick: D'oh
22:26:24 <erdgeist_> ChrisWarrick: And I thought, I'd figured it all out by now :/
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