Logs for #nikola for 2015-11-18

03:51:46 <benaiah> I've been trying for some time, but I can't figure out why, in a new theme, there's bootstrap css in the bundle despite specifying "base" in the parent file. any suggestions?
03:54:59 <benaiah> in fact, I can't really figure out how to specify what goes in my <head> at all. even without bundles, nikola includes an rst.css (which comes from god-knows-where) a custom.css (which contains a bunch of lines that I deleted from files/assets/custom.css), and doesn't include *my* styles.scss
04:12:52 <benaiah> nikola auto does something different than *that* (which seems to be because its styles urls actually work on localhost, unlike nikola build). When bundling is on, it seems to work as I specified in my theme, but with bundling off, it puts in ./output/ and in <head> a bunch of css which doesn't exist anywhere in my theme, and which I can't seem to remove whatsoever. Bundling makes debugging much trickier, but
04:12:53 <benaiah> it's the only way to get a semi-working nikola site on my local machine
04:15:02 <benaiah> I also can't override the theme.css by renaming styles.scss to theme.scss and putting it in "targets", or I get a nikola error
04:15:27 <benaiah> combined with the sparse documentation, this has me completely at a loss as to what is going on and how to stop it
04:42:56 <benaiah> also livereloading doesn't work in "nikola auto", it just removes my styles and doesn't load the new ones
12:32:24 <ralsina> benaiah: 1) if you want to make nikola build work when opening it locally, use USE_BASE_TAG=False in your conf.py
12:32:39 <ralsina> benaiah: but really, just use nikola serve or nikola auto instead
12:33:39 <ralsina> about what goes in the bundle: what's described in your themes' bundle file. If your theme doesn't have one, then the theme parent's
12:34:04 <ralsina> rst.css is included because otherwise restructured text looks like ass. If you don't want it, edit the templates
12:34:42 <ralsina> the rest, I'd have to see what you are doing, really. 
12:38:19 <ralsina> benaiah: For example: "unable to replace theme.css" is not really something I can help you with. "I put this file here, edit this like this and then I get this error" is more likely to lead to a solution or explanation