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13:30:03 <Koni> Hi there, I have some crazy question
13:30:56 <Koni> Is it possible to define arrays in "rst" metas ?
13:32:52 <Koni> I want to make a template with an image carrousel and I want to define something like ..preview_images: pic1.jpg, pic2.jpg, ... 
13:34:24 <ralsina> Koni: they will be read as strings but feel free to parse them in your templates :-)
13:35:35 <Koni> ok ralsina looks fine... I will check on template engine side
14:20:07 <ChrisWarrick> Koni: json.loads() or str.split()
15:42:25 <Koni> ChrisWarrick: can I paste you some code ? looks like I need some basic python / mako help
15:42:44 <ChrisWarrick> Koni: yes
15:46:44 <Koni> ChrisWarrick: http://paste.alacon.org/38601
15:47:10 <Koni> ChrisWarrick:  I get this error : SyntaxException: (SyntaxError) can't assign to operator (, line 1) (u"carousel-string = post.meta('carousel')\ncarousel-i") in file 'themes/konilabs/templates/post_header.tmpl' at line: 26 char: 21 
15:47:54 <ChrisWarrick> Koni: Python does not allow - in variable names
15:49:09 <Koni> ok... means I need to open "Python for dummies" book :)
16:05:39 <Koni> ChrisWarrick: thanks it looks like it compiles now. Thanks a lot for your help