Logs for #nikola for 2015-11-06

14:28:18 <LeCoVi> Hi There!
14:30:06 <LeCoVi> I've got a problem with the ..thumbnail:: directive
14:30:14 <LeCoVi> maybe someone can help me
14:30:16 <ralsina> LeCoVi: shoot
14:30:16 <LeCoVi> :D
14:32:18 <LeCoVi> I have an Image (PNG) inside image folder, something like files/images/folder1/folder2/folder3/image.png
14:32:51 <LeCoVi> but I can't get to work the thumbnail directive in my story
14:34:17 <LeCoVi> In my story file I put: .. thumbnail:: /image/folder1/folde2/folder3/image.png and when Nikola renders mi HTML It only shows a link
14:34:31 <LeCoVi> when I click the link the image shows up
14:34:36 <ralsina> not in files/, put it in images/
14:34:48 <LeCoVi> but there is no thumbnail :'(
14:35:16 <ralsina> https://getnikola.com/handbook.html#thumbnails
14:35:31 <ralsina> "To include an image placed in the images folder (or other folders defined in IMAGE_FOLDERS), use the thumbnail directive"
14:36:07 <LeCoVi> I misunderstooded
14:36:15 <LeCoVi> thks!
14:36:32 <LeCoVi> nothing better to get help with the creator ;-)
14:36:42 <ralsina> well, I didn't create that part :-)
14:38:40 <LeCoVi> I have to put an image folder in my nikola root, right?
14:39:13 <LeCoVi> and then use relative link to that folder?
14:41:17 <ralsina> LeCoVi: yes, images/ in your root, then see where it creates the images and act accordingly :-)
14:41:55 <ralsina> For example, if images/foo.jpg ends in output/foo.jpg then use ..thumbnail:: foo.jpg and Nikola should do the right thing, IIRC
14:49:45 <LeCoVi> ok, I get it wrong because inside files there is an images folder that contains a nikola.png
15:05:49 <LeCoVi> ralsina: thks! Seeyou at PyConAr
15:07:27 <ralsina> LeCoVi: yw
19:38:34 <ChrisWarrick> In other news: I found a <base> tag in the wild, on a local news Joomla website.
19:39:22 <SteveDrees> zope host monster used to use those extensively.
19:39:39 <SteveDrees> probably still does. I just haven't used ZHM in ages
19:56:06 <BlaXpirit> how does Nikola handle blog posts that have their title changed?
19:56:47 <BlaXpirit> I want to have the slug in URL to change AND keep the old link working
19:58:00 <ChrisWarrick> BlaXpirit: you would need to create a redirect, either in your web server config (recommended) or Nikola’s REDIRECTIONS
19:58:33 <BlaXpirit> that's no good...
19:58:55 <ChrisWarrick> BlaXpirit: We’re not really able to do anything better
19:59:24 <BlaXpirit> making such redirections automatically?
19:59:39 <BlaXpirit> i presume nikola sites don't have any state associated with them
19:59:45 <BlaXpirit> which makes that difficult
19:59:49 <ChrisWarrick> BlaXpirit: yeah
19:59:57 <BlaXpirit> but there are still ways,  like writing multiple titles in the same file
20:00:59 <ChrisWarrick> BlaXpirit: Generating two pages could lead to splitting people between two pages, meta refresh is awful, and we can’t talk to web servers easily
20:01:15 <BlaXpirit> ChrisWarrick, by that i don't mean you keep the content on both pages
20:01:30 <BlaXpirit> make it so all others redirect to first/last one
20:01:52 <BlaXpirit> meta refresh is what i had in mind, yes :/
20:01:53 <ChrisWarrick> setting up your web server to do that is really simple
20:02:09 <BlaXpirit> but not automatic
20:02:33 <ChrisWarrick> how often do you change your post titles and slugs
20:03:17 <ChrisWarrick> (after publishing, of course)
20:03:38 <BlaXpirit> often enough, and that's irrelevant anyway
20:04:23 <ChrisWarrick> create an issue on github, we might tackle it one day
20:06:59 <ChrisWarrick> if we do keep state, we can memorize filename:slug and add some redirection building thing (on user request)