Logs for #nikola for 2015-10-29

05:02:35 <polyzen> are ' and " treated differently in conf.py?
05:06:59 <punchagan> polyzen: its just Python. So, no. 
05:50:17 <polyzen> ah, of course
05:50:27 <polyzen> i should have gone to sleep a while ago
05:50:38 <polyzen> i'll try to contain the consequences
05:54:54 <polyzen> nikola apparently doesn't want to do a dropdown in the nav for me :\
05:57:27 <polyzen> pebcak
12:05:05 <Bluerise> amokleben: \o/
12:22:04 <amokleben> Bluerise: heyyy:)
12:22:23 <Bluerise> :)
12:22:36 <Bluerise> Wayneoween's here, too.
13:07:23 <Wayneoween>  Oo
13:08:48 <punchagan> hi everyone 
13:50:01 <norg> hi, i'm a pelican user and now found nikola as it was mentioned in a python podcast that talked about static site generators
13:50:19 <norg> i look a little bit into the docs but maybe someone can answer my question:
13:51:13 <norg> I want to build a static website that's serving http and https, so the static a href = http:// which pelican does are bad. I can use relative urls as an option but that's just a workaround that results in other issues. So maybe nikola does this better
13:51:37 <norg> is the pretty url feature exactly what i might need for hits? and how do you generate the rss/atom feeds in this case
13:53:37 <Aeyoun> norg: look at the URL_TYPE option.
13:53:52 <Aeyoun> norg: you’ll want full_path or rel_path.
13:54:30 <Aeyoun> norg: note that one URL must be the preferred (used in canonical URLs, feeds, sitemaps, etc.) but your site can be made available in both protocols just the same.
14:19:33 <ralsina> Aeyoun, norg: just redirect your http site to https and be a good netizen.
14:37:49 <norg> Aeyoun: so the rss xml file is still bound to either http or https but URL_TYPE sounds fair
14:38:20 <norg> ralsina: i agree but http as fallback is sometimes necessary especially if you want to use self signed certs (which will end when let's encrypt started)
14:38:29 <norg> i will play aroudn with url type
14:39:02 <ralsina> norg: in that case, probably using URLTYPE=rel_path and disabling BASE_URL
14:40:05 <norg> does this effect feeds?
14:40:58 <Aeyoun> norg: play with the settings and see what they do until you find a combination that works for you?
14:41:48 <norg> ah looks fine so far
14:41:51 <norg> ty
14:42:46 <Aeyoun> norg: SSL starts at 5 USD/year, https://cheapsslsecurity.com/
14:43:02 <Aeyoun> Probably cheaper than your domain name.
14:43:16 <ralsina> You can get https by using cloudflare as CDN (free)
14:43:22 <ralsina> is how we get it in getnikola.com
14:44:52 <norg> i know but not suitable for every use case and everyone, especially when you don't trust the provider
14:45:20 <norg> but that's a whole other topic :)
14:59:24 <Wayneoween> I get my ssl certs from startssl.com
15:00:15 <Wayneoween> 1 year certs a free, and https://letsencrypt.org isn't far off from providing everyone free SSL certs :)
15:07:29 <Bluerise> jup, startssl.com is nice, but don't forget a) free only for non-business b) save/backup the SSL client cert from your browser created on signup
15:53:54 <Wayneoween> Bluerise: you don't have to backup it, your domain is attached to your account only for 30 Days or so. Didn't try to add it to another account but I lost my cert and was able to create a new one and still make new certs for my domains after verifying that its mine.
15:53:58 <Wayneoween> :D
15:54:06 <Wayneoween> But still, do backup it^^
15:56:11 <Aeyoun> Make sure to avoid using their CSRs. Using their browser based CSR generator means they’ll get a copy of your private key too.
15:57:37 <Aeyoun> Trusting a free SSL authority that by default chooses to keep a copy of your root certificate is interesting. Especially seeing how the company is operated from and tied to the government of Israel.
16:01:49 <norg> that's what i meant regarding the trust issue
16:02:47 <ralsina> In any case nowadays SSL may guarantee encryption but in almost no case does it guarantee identity, which is the most important part.
16:03:29 <norg> i guess both are important
16:03:39 <norg> although dane/dnssec are trying to improve the situation
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16:19:35 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: when are we doing v7.7.3?
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17:48:17 <Aeyoun> ralsina: Domain vertification certificates never  did guarantee identify. You’ve always needed an OV or EV cert for that. No one is giving those away for free.
17:49:03 <ralsina> Aeyoun: once upon a time, having OV and EV was considered part of "having SSL" :-)
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