Logs for #nikola for 2015-10-06

15:07:27 <ChrisWarrick> wumko: is this index.tmpl?
15:07:53 <ChrisWarrick> wumko: you can’t use stories/blog/index.html for index.tmpl
15:49:18 <willingc> I'm running up against the type error on dates in image_processing.py. Is there an easy way to pull in the fix from https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2130
15:54:25 <ChrisWarrick> willingc: yeah, find out where Nikola is installed and reapply the patch
15:55:14 <willingc> ChrisWarrick: So in a Python 3.5 virtualenv, the command would be?
15:56:01 <ralsina> willingc: or you can just install Pillow < 3.0
15:56:06 <ChrisWarrick> willingc: the file is ~VIRTUAL_ENV/lib/python3.5/site-packages/nikola/image_processing.py
15:56:28 <willingc> Ah... thanks ralsina and ChrisWarrick .
15:56:50 <ChrisWarrick> willingc: (you really need the if isinstance and value = value[0] lines)
15:56:54 <ChrisWarrick> really only*
15:56:56 <willingc> On another note I'm migrating my wordpress site. The converter worked really well
15:57:18 <willingc> Thanks for the development
16:19:24 <ralsina> willingc: awesome
16:22:09 <willingc> Thanks for the fix ChrisWarrick and ralsina. Happily building now. Actually making a workshop website for Grace Hopper's Open Source Day. Will give a shoutout to Nikola while there.
16:22:43 <ralsina> Sounds interesting! If you tweet it to @getnikola we'll RT :-)
16:51:46 <willingc> Will do next wek.
16:51:51 <willingc> week 
20:17:07 <wumko> ChrisWarrick: blog.tmpl