Logs for #nikola for 2015-09-25

10:43:32 <ElPasmo> Hi all, I have a site in nikola that I've imported from an old SPIP platform and I need to keep the urls of old posts. I've just upgraded nikola from version 7.7.0 to version 7.7.1 and now I'm unable to build the site: "ERROR: Two different tasks can't have a common target.'output/preacuerdo-convenio-de-banca-ccoo/index.html' is a target for render_pages:output/preacuerdo-convenio-de-banca-ccoo/index.html and render_indexes:output/preacuerdo-convenio-de-ban
10:57:48 <Aeyoun> ElPasmo: move posts/preacuerdo-convenio-de-banca-ccoo from POSTS to PAGES.
10:58:05 <Aeyoun> POSTS get automatic section indexes, PAGES doesn’t.
10:58:24 <ElPasmo> Aeyoun: buy it's a post, not a story
10:58:50 <ElPasmo> I mean, I want it listed in indexes, I don't now why is an Index with the same slug
10:59:27 <ElPasmo> sorry for my english: I don't know why there is an index with the same slug of that post
10:59:31 <Aeyoun> ElPasmo: What is  the desired final URL? disregarding the files.
10:59:58 <ElPasmo> for a post the desired final URL is "/preacuerdo-convenio-de-banca-ccoo/index.html"
11:00:16 <Aeyoun> ElPasmo: have you enabled PRETTY_URLS? have you manually created folders in posts// and put index.html inside them?
11:00:28 <ElPasmo> No
11:00:45 <ElPasmo> I only put a slug like: ".. slug: preacuerdo-convenio-de-banca-ccoo/index" and worked prior 7.7.1
11:01:13 <ElPasmo> live example: http://bancamadridcgt.org/preacuerdo-convenio-de-banca-ccoo/
11:01:24 <Aeyoun> Aha!
11:01:31 <Aeyoun> That’s what I needed to know.
11:02:09 <Aeyoun> ElPasmo: OK, enable the PRETTY_URLS option, then change your slug to "preacuerdo-convenio-de-banca-ccoo" and it will work the way you want it to.
11:02:19 <ElPasmo> I have near 300 posts like that from my old SPIP site... I hope that I won't need to change them all :D
11:02:37 <ElPasmo> oh no... 300 posts to change... noooo :P
11:02:55 <Aeyoun> ElPasmo: it can be scripted easily enough. hold on
11:03:17 <ElPasmo> yes yes, don't worry I think I have an idea for that
11:04:03 <Aeyoun> ElPasmo: this was used to change time zones, but change the conditional to "slug" and strip "/index.html" from the string instead. https://www.aeyoun.com/projects/snippets/nikola/replace-post-time-zones.py.html
11:05:06 <ElPasmo> only one question because now I use another slug policy (a reasonable one): enabling pretty_urls option will affect slugs like ".. slug: 20150925-concentracion-1-octubre-bankia" that lives in a folder tree like "posts/2015/09"?
11:05:59 <Aeyoun> ElPasmo: it works like this: if PRETTY_URLS then slug == meta.slug + "/index.html".
11:06:11 <ElPasmo> oh no... I can't do that then
11:06:17 <ElPasmo> cuz new slugs will fail
11:08:49 <ElPasmo> Check this: http://bancamadridcgt.org/posts/2015/09/20150925-concentracion-1-octubre-bankia.html has a slug like ".. slug: 20150925-concentracion-1-octubre-bankia" but old posts has URLs like http://bancamadridcgt.org/preacuerdo-convenio-de-banca-ccoo/ (index.html implied). That used to work perfect prior 7.7.1, is there any way of having both URLs policies at the same time with 7.7.1? That's the question :D
11:10:23 <Aeyoun> You could set POSTS_SECTIONS = False.
11:11:08 <Aeyoun> Sections create output/food/index.html listing all output/food/*.html posts, for example.
11:11:47 <Aeyoun> So sub-indexes if you organize yoursite by sections (blog/, food/, outdoors/, projects/, whatnot)
11:12:16 <ElPasmo> seems right to me, I think my site doesn't use that functionality
11:12:21 <ElPasmo> It uses tags and that's all
11:13:00 <ElPasmo> Let me try it
11:13:51 <Aeyoun> ElPasmo: demo: https://www.aeyoun.com/
11:18:33 <ElPasmo> Aeyoun: error: https://bpaste.net/show/d265511d22d8
11:23:44 <Aeyoun> ralsina_: you must change your themes/*/templates/listings.tmpl. Somewhere in there there is a tuple with two values, add a third value as _.
11:24:30 <Aeyoun> ElPasmo: that was for you not ralsina_ . My brain though about how ralsina_ was shocked that we had a backwards incompatible change a few weeks back (this change) and directed my message to him rather than you. :)
11:25:18 <ElPasmo> Aeyoun: on it, thanks!
11:25:28 <Aeyoun> ElPasmo: list.tmpl "% for text, link in items:" should be "% for text, link, count in items:"
11:27:37 <Aeyoun> If reverting would have made it any less of a problem, I’d revert that. Tuples are not suited for use in templates like this. It will break for everyone if we ever want to expand them like this.
11:27:47 <ElPasmo> Aeyoun: I changed list.tmpl. I didn't change listings.tmpl because I didn't find any tuple with 2 values. Now I build perfect, Ill check the entire site
11:28:07 <Aeyoun> ElPasmo: nikola check -fl  # check files and links
11:29:51 <ElPasmo> Aeyoun: that gave me a lot of output: https://bpaste.net/show/0650f300698b but I'm not sure there were not before the upgrade. So maybe there are not related with this problem
11:29:59 <ElPasmo> I didn't know that command
11:30:19 <Aeyoun> ElPasmo: nikola check --clean-files
11:30:29 <Aeyoun> Removes the section indexes you previously disabled.
11:30:39 <Aeyoun> (removes orphaned files)
11:30:55 <Aeyoun> ElPasmo: nikola check -lr will check external links and report on any problems.
11:31:08 * Aeyoun really like automated quality assurance ^____^
11:31:55 <ElPasmo> Aeyoun: did it, now I have a lot more broken links!!! https://bpaste.net/show/d79bb3e7f406
11:32:15 <Aeyoun> ElPasmo: have fun fixing and updating broken links. :P
11:32:22 <ElPasmo> lol ok ok :D
11:32:56 <Aeyoun> ignore the code.css one, that one is a Nikola bug.
11:34:10 <Aeyoun> ElPasmo: can you report a bug with the sitemap being broken? (bottom of your last pastebin)
11:34:25 <Aeyoun> Oh, run "nikola build" once first.
11:34:36 <Aeyoun> if sitemap is still broken, then report a bug.
11:36:01 <ElPasmo> Aeyoun: running "nikola build" made me happier: https://bpaste.net/show/828950146131
11:37:40 <Aeyoun> ElPasmo: du you have a files/robots.txt file?
11:37:58 <ElPasmo> negative
11:38:57 <Aeyoun> cat output/robots.txt
11:38:57 <ElPasmo> Aeyoun: negative
11:40:04 <ElPasmo> Aeyoun: https://bpaste.net/show/bec1b47d6329 seems right, I have in conf.py the following: "ROBOTS_EXCLUSIONS = ["/camp/", "/Antigua-SPIP.html"]"
11:40:55 <Aeyoun> So nikola’s robots.txt file is orphaned.
11:41:15 <ElPasmo> Seems so, I don't know why
11:41:22 <Aeyoun> On my site that doesn’t happen and I use exclusions and nikola’s own file. hm.
11:41:51 <ElPasmo> hm?
11:47:42 <ElPasmo> Aeyoun: do you know then why they appears as orphans robot.txt and code.css?
11:48:49 <Aeyoun> ElPasmo: possibly https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2109 ~ish
11:49:32 <Aeyoun> ElPasmo: oh, i fixed the bug already. that’s why i don’t see it. https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2098
11:50:05 <ElPasmo> Aeyoun: great, so nothing to do at my end, right?
11:50:28 <KwBot> [nikola] Aeyoun opened issue #2120: output/assets/css/code.css task is always outdated https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2120
11:50:34 <Aeyoun> https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/2120
11:51:04 <ElPasmo> I see :D Thanks a lot for your time and patience :)
11:51:08 <Aeyoun> ElPasmo: nothing but fixing the remainder of your links. you were missing a colon after  http at some place, I think.
11:51:28 <ElPasmo> Aeyoun: yes, already done that...
11:51:30 <Aeyoun> ElPasmo: this is as interesting breakfast entertainment as I can get. ^___^
11:54:05 <ElPasmo> Aeyoun: glad to hear that, thanks a lot for solving my problem, I was sincerely scared :D
11:54:50 <Aeyoun> Sorry you had a bad upgrade experience. There will always be folks in here to help. :-)
13:59:01 <ChrisWarrick> survey ends in 60 seconds
14:14:19 <ElPasmo> Aeyoun: hey, I was lunching. Don't say I had a bad upgrade experience. Nikola is free and I wish that I could receive the same technical help with other services that I paid as I received here in this chat all the times I had a problem
14:17:13 <Aeyoun> ElPasmo: sounds like you're paying for the wrong things.
14:17:33 <ElPasmo> Aeyoun: yes, you're right
14:19:54 <Aeyoun> ElPasmo: it’s like when you use Linux all day but at the end of the day, you’ve stilled paid more money to Microsoft for that old Windows box you use just one hour per week. It’s great but at the same time feels a bit wrong.
14:35:28 <teknico> Aeyoun, I don't use Windows, you insensitive clod ;-)
14:35:35 <teknico> (what the heck is a clod anyway?)
14:35:49 <ralsina_> https://www.google.com.ar/search?q=clod&oq=clod&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5.624j0j7&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=93&ie=UTF-8
14:35:58 <Aeyoun> teknico: my vacuum uses Windows CE Embedded.
14:36:04 <ralsina_> Either "a lump f earth or clay" or "a stupid person"
14:36:47 <Aeyoun> There is a lot of system information in a Google search URL these days.
14:36:53 <teknico> I chose a TomTom navigator years ago specifically because it used Linux and not Windows
14:37:26 <Aeyoun> teknico: my Xbox runs Windows 10 :O
14:37:41 <teknico> Aeyoun, https://www.google.com/search?q=clod works well enough
14:38:04 <Aeyoun> teknico: but you manually constructed that address
14:38:21 <teknico> Aeyoun, guilty as charged :-)
14:38:48 <ralsina_> the main problem is that if I google in "stealth mode" it still will leak all that stuff if I copy/paste a URL
14:38:52 <teknico> I also routinely remove the utm tracking silliness in query strings
14:39:36 <teknico> and shorten amazon URLs
14:39:37 <Aeyoun> teknico: it’s not silly. it’s useful. Kind of. At times.
14:39:55 <teknico> Aeyoun, not to me, man
14:40:02 <teknico> Aeyoun, ISTM that section descriptions (POSTS_SECTION_DESCRIPTIONS in conf.py) are not used in any template yet, amirite?
14:40:18 <Aeyoun> teknico: naw, but who cares about the end-user? :P It’s useful to publishers.
14:40:53 <Aeyoun> teknico: no, but you can use it yourself.
14:41:13 <teknico> right
14:41:20 <Aeyoun> teknico: like this: https://www.aeyoun.com/review/index.html
14:41:32 <Aeyoun> best description ever.
14:42:24 <teknico> pique or it didn't happen ;-)
14:42:52 <ChrisWarrick> KwBot: ping
14:42:52 <KwBot> ChrisWarrick: pong
14:43:14 <Aeyoun> teknico: I wrote a reverse proxy two days ago that ads UTM-crap every time someone requests a feed from my site. For example, "AppleNewsBot" gets one version of the feed, "FeedlyBot" gets another.
14:43:40 <Aeyoun> teknico: I hate seeing URL garbage, but it’s so useful to know where traffic is coming from.
14:45:00 <teknico> Aeyoun, sorry, I block cookies, Google Analytics, Doubleclick, Adroll and so on, and use AdBlock, imagine how much I care for tokens in query strings :-D
14:47:09 <Aeyoun> teknico: no worry, 80% of visitors may block it but I can still parse it out of the logs. ;)
14:47:34 <Aeyoun> teknico: I’m really torn between hating it and finding it useful.
14:48:30 <Aeyoun> I like having an income because of ads. I don’t like seeing ads or remarketing ads (products that stalk you).
14:52:48 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina_, Aeyoun: please comment on the survey write-up, we also need some sort of schedule.
14:53:04 <ralsina_> ChrisWarrick: I'll get to it later today
14:53:12 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina_: take your time
14:53:33 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina_: I would recommend not taking any action within the next 7 days anyway
14:54:41 <ralsina_> yeah
14:54:52 <ralsina_> and we have a release scheduled next week, so we can do it all togetjer
14:55:39 <teknico> Aeyoun, I'm glad you get income from ads. I hope it'll keep going for you
14:55:45 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina_: see schedule entry 2
14:56:20 <ChrisWarrick> (let’s move it to Saturday for a full week’s notice)
14:56:44 <ralsina_> sounds good
20:21:26 <erdgeist> Hello.
22:20:00 <Aeyoun> erdgeist: Hello?
23:21:38 <erdgeist> exactly
23:32:23 <Aeyoun> I’m glad we agree on that.
23:39:58 <erdgeist> :)