Logs for #nikola for 2015-09-22

08:29:46 <s2hc_johan> Hi, a bit off topic but do you know a way of hiding/removing comments from disqus? aparently you can't remove discussions but I would like to remove a discussion from the "latest discussions" page
08:37:24 <s2hc_johan> sorry hiding/removing discussions
11:43:37 <Wayneoween> I am writing my posts in markdown, is there a similar shortcut for links like :my-other-post-slug:`foo`?
11:46:36 <Wayneoween> Ok, [foo](../my_other_post) is short enough :)
11:54:15 <ralsina_> Wayneoween: link://slug/my-other-slug-is-a-porsche
11:54:44 <ralsina_> s2hc_johan: you used to be able to delete conversations if you were the admin in disqus
11:54:58 <ralsina_> s2hc_johan: of course if you left nikolademo as your account *I* am the admin ;-)
12:00:31 <Wayneoween> ralsina_: thanks :)
12:01:58 <Aeyoun> ralsina_: how many sites‘ comments do you administer these days?
12:02:16 <ralsina_> Aeyoun: a bazillion, give or take
12:02:31 <ralsina_> Aeyoun: OTOH comments are dead, so usually it's 5 a week or so
12:02:54 <Aeyoun> ralsina_: batch replace all comments with spam comments?
12:03:12 <ralsina_> I used to reply to all the  "testing if comments work" comments with "no they don't"
13:21:49 <s2hc_johan> heh, I actually rememberd to make my own site, but now I cant get rid of my test discussion
13:27:12 <ralsina_> s2hc_johan: just delete all the comments from the disqus admin panel
13:45:37 <s2hc_johan> tried that, but when clicking on the page link in the discuss form, that discussion is still visible in recent discussions
13:46:18 <ChrisWarrick> delete your site and create a new one
14:14:52 <Aeyoun> ralsina_: you’re  using  feedspot? any experiences to share?
14:15:03 <ralsina_> Aeyoun: "it sort of works"
14:15:54 <ralsina_> Also "I don't know how to login into it anymore, because their UI sucks and I don't know what social network I used to login the 1st time but I can still get there because they spam me and I can use the links in the emails to enter my account"
14:15:58 <ralsina_> So, it sucks
14:16:07 <ralsina_> But I am too lazy to switch AGAIN
14:16:25 <ralsina_> Also, no mobile app worth mentioning]
14:16:57 <Aeyoun> ralsina_: their bot is very aggressive and misbehaves. I kind of want to block it but realized you used it. Because I’m a stalking creep. :P
14:17:06 <ralsina_> hahaha
14:17:10 <ralsina_> please don't :-)
14:17:35 <ralsina_> they have something called "open web site", which is probably the misbehaviour you noticed, it opens the post framed in their site
14:17:57 <ralsina_> so it's ok if that doesn't respect robots.txt because it's actually a human request
14:20:08 <Aeyoun> ralsina_: they don’t use gzip and they requests updates every ten minutes. :(
14:20:17 <ralsina_> ouch
14:20:55 <Aeyoun> I tried signing up to figure out what it’s all about. Had to change the DOM manually to get past their aggressive premium pitch to actually sign up.
14:21:21 <Aeyoun> ralsina_: have you tried … just about any other feed service? https://newsblur.com is nice.
14:21:33 <ralsina_> I used to use it IIRC
14:21:36 <Aeyoun> What does everyone  else use?
14:21:43 <ralsina_> I will try to get OPML out of here later
14:23:14 <Aeyoun> http://www.feedspot.com/useredit?set=exportopml&download=1
14:25:50 * ChrisWarrick uses feedly, though I’m not fully satisfied (it is buggy)
14:30:36 <ralsina_> http://feedreader.com/ looks good
14:30:40 <Aeyoun> ChrisWarrick: they don’t put subscriber numbers in the User-Agent. Other than that they seem fine, but slow.
14:33:37 <Aeyoun> ralsina_: https://theoldreader.com/ seems popular
14:33:59 <ralsina_> one GOOD thing about feedspot: vi keybindings
14:34:28 <Aeyoun> Ooh, theoldreader inject sponsored posts in random feeds if you don’t pay. Stay clear.
14:34:53 <ChrisWarrick> and 100 feeds ain’t enough
14:35:35 <Aeyoun> Newsblur is the best option I think, but he charges 20 usd a year if you go over 75 feeds.
14:35:51 <ralsina_> digg reader is supposed tobe  good
14:36:59 <Aeyoun> https://feedbin.com/ has a nice design
14:37:27 <ralsina_> ok, digg reader is actually pretty awesome
14:38:29 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina_: how can I tell without logging in?
14:43:03 <ralsina_> ChrisWarrick: you can't
14:43:20 <ralsina_> ChrisWarrick: well, you can login via twitter, check it out then revoke auth
14:43:26 <ralsina_> they only get your email address
14:45:21 <Aeyoun> https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/1/1c/Digg_Reader_Screenshot.jpg
14:47:47 <ChrisWarrick> If I were to switch, I’d probably go for self-hosted Tiny Tiny RSS
14:50:00 <s2hc_johan> ChrisWarrick: yea, but it feels a bit retarded that I need to
14:50:14 <ChrisWarrick> s2hc_johan: I don’t know if ytou need to do tishis
14:50:18 <ralsina_> Also, the digg app for android is pretty good!
14:50:19 <ChrisWarrick> you* this*
14:50:29 <ChrisWarrick> sorry, I’m having network issues today
14:50:48 <ChrisWarrick> s2hc_johan: This could work, or it couldn’t.  If you can’t just delete a thread/the commments, try that…
14:51:59 <Aeyoun> I like Miniflux. However, I want it to open the original site in a new background tab rather than all the page-parsing it attempts and fails at. https://miniflux.net/
14:52:03 <s2hc_johan> ChrisWarrick: yea, or that I use that discussion to point to the next blog
14:53:06 <ralsina_> Now that I am using something else, I notice how much I hated feedspot's design
14:53:19 <ralsina_> digg is so... clean
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