Logs for #nikola for 2015-08-10

03:04:56 <KwBot> [nikola] ralsina closed issue #1936: Same images on multilanguage page https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/1936
06:53:20 <DrDisconsented> Anyone have an idea on why theme's are not entirley working? (http://disconsented.com/) 
06:55:30 <DrDisconsented> Using Nikola v7.6.3 with Python 3.4.2
08:51:11 <Aeyoun> DrDisconsented: "not entirely working"? please elaborate.
08:52:45 <DrDisconsented> I don't know how to explain that more than by the link
08:54:54 <Aeyoun> what theme are you using?
08:55:06 <Aeyoun> how have you customized it?
08:55:13 <Aeyoun> was it ever working?
08:55:30 <Aeyoun> does it work with another theme?
09:04:04 <DrDisconsented> Doesn't seem to matter what theme
09:04:49 <DrDisconsented> bootstrap, base or hpstr (current theme)
09:04:59 <DrDisconsented> First time using nikola 
09:05:18 <DrDisconsented> So I have yet to get it working, just using the demo site like described
09:44:38 <Aeyoun> DrDisconsented: could you try again using these commands?   nikola init --demo /tmp/please-test-this && cd /tmp/please-test-this && nikola auto -b
09:45:14 <Aeyoun> (just press enter when asked questions)
09:45:35 <DrDisconsented> just do -q or what ever it is for quiet?
09:46:24 <Aeyoun> that set of commands will create a new site, pressing enter will give you defaults, and nikola will then go ahead and build the default demo site and open it in your browser.
09:47:30 <Aeyoun> If that works, you should diff and compare your folder with the /tmp/please-test-this to see what might have broken in your site. It’s likely enough to diff conf.py in both folders. It’s hard to tell what’s going on based on the output on your site alone.
09:49:43 <DrDisconsented> http://disconsented.com/
09:49:46 <DrDisconsented> Nope :(
09:54:39 <Aeyoun> DrDisconsented: did it work when opened from auto?
09:54:54 <DrDisconsented> Its a headless vps
09:55:11 <Aeyoun> ah.
09:55:47 <Aeyoun> in the test site, set SITE_URL to http://disconsented.com/ in conf.py 
09:56:14 <Aeyoun> rebuild and look again,
09:56:41 <DrDisconsented> thats it
09:56:43 <DrDisconsented> cheers
09:58:07 <Aeyoun> DrDisconsented: great! Can’t tell you what was wrong before, though. You must diff your two conf.py’s to figure that out, I think.
09:58:23 <DrDisconsented> I must have set my SITE_URL wrong
09:58:29 <DrDisconsented> Either way cheers
09:58:35 <Aeyoun> DrDisconsented: for reference, you can still use auto even on a headless setup. "nikola auto -a ip:port" to bind to something you can access remotely. auto rebuilds every time a post or theme changes, so you can preview your changes. Very powerful feature of Nikola. Not meant as a full webserver, of course, but for your own use.
09:58:52 <Aeyoun> DrDisconsented: glad it worked out for you. you didn’t have many posts or config, so maybe just start over?
09:59:14 <DrDisconsented> Yep Ill just nuke it all and start from scratch
11:37:58 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] ralsina closed pull request #1935: Fix NameError caused by failed import in auto plugin. (master...fix_websocketwsgihandler_name_error) http://git.io/v3Lko
11:39:42 <ralsina> amokleben: just to check something... you got the error about the import but nikola build still worked right?
11:43:07 -travis-ci:#nikola- getnikola/nikola#5922 (master - bc80cb9 : Roberto Alsina): The build passed.
11:43:08 -travis-ci:#nikola- Change view: https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/compare/63ab1e73c185...bc80cb938b3e
11:43:08 -travis-ci:#nikola- Build details: https://travis-ci.org/getnikola/nikola/builds/74900161
11:43:57 <amokleben> ralsina: it did still build, yes.
11:44:15 <amokleben> ralsina: I think the problem could be when Nikola checks for what plugins it has
11:44:20 <ralsina> good, otherwise I would have to do an emergency release :-P
11:44:28 <amokleben> It's just a small nuisance
11:44:44 <ralsina> yes, when plugins fail to load (for example because of that) you just get the error message but the others should work
11:44:45 <amokleben> The thing I reported to Aeyoun was a real blocker because this caused only partial builds
11:44:58 <ralsina> amokleben: I have no idea what that would be
11:46:06 <amokleben> ralsina: https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/commit/4d859e026597ae1deee64681b5160fefd6962add this failed for a two-byte-char (like Ä) because it may cause to only read the first byte iirc
11:46:23 <amokleben> I did produce some kind of edge case there it seems ;)
11:46:24 <Wayneoween> Those Umlauts again.
11:46:59 <ralsina> I suspect that fix is wrong :-P
11:47:01 <amokleben> Wayneoween: Nikola does a great job handling them. I am running Nikola since probably v3 or so with a German blog ;)
11:47:13 <ralsina> but I guess it depends on what the problem was since I am not totally sre
11:47:22 <amokleben> ralsina: at least it worked for me
11:47:44 <ralsina> yes, but it uses decode's ignore, which means some characters will get removed
11:47:52 <Wayneoween> I tried it yesterday with a umlaut in the post title and it was broken. But I suspect I have the wrong locale or smth like that.
11:47:53 <ralsina> which means your sitemap will be wrong AFAIK
11:47:55 <Aeyoun> (I cut a multibyte character in half. Still do that now, but ignore it as it has no influence on meta data extraction.)
11:48:18 <ralsina> ahhhh I see
11:48:30 <Aeyoun> ralsina: that data is just used to parse metadata from files while building sitemaps.
11:49:38 <Aeyoun> Nikola's redirect files will have meta tags for robots, and some other cases I don't remember right now.
11:50:25 <ralsina> Wayneoween: I just created a file with "áéíóúü" as the title and it worked :-)
11:50:49 <Aeyoun> (head elm is assumed to be in first 1024 bytes because much better performance than reading files up until </head>)
11:51:21 <ralsina> Aeyoun: in any case, Nikola's files should be valid utf-8 so it could be read with encoding which should not cause split unicode... but people may throw bad files in there manually, so yes.
11:51:40 <Wayneoween> ralsina: yeah nvm, I was just too tired to pay attention to the docs, sorry for the noise :)
11:52:21 <ralsina> Wayneoween: no problem :-)
11:52:37 <Aeyoun> ralsina: read(1024, encoding) would still split a multibyte character, right?
11:53:31 <ralsina> Aeyoun: if you open with io.open(encoding) and then read(1024) you will get 1024 characters
11:53:37 <ralsina> Aeyoun: instead of 1024 bytes
11:54:11 <ralsina> Aeyoun: but let's not do that because some user is bound to have a latin-1 non-ascii thing in there :-)
14:43:04 <Wayneoween> Uhm. I guess teasers should work? :) I added the comment (https://getnikola.com/handbook.html#teasers) build and deployed. The comment is there when I view the page source but on the index view the post isn't truncated.
14:43:36 <Wayneoween> What do I miss? :|
14:46:31 <Wayneoween> brb in ~1h
14:58:24 <polyzen> defuq https://ptpb.pw/_27Y
14:58:44 <polyzen> ping ChrisWarrick|AFK
15:56:36 <ralsina> polyzen: he is on vacation for this week
16:11:08 <ralsina> Wayneoween: check INDEX_TEASERS in conf.py
16:11:16 <ralsina> Wayneoween: by default teasers only apply to feeds
16:16:56 <polyzen> womp
17:26:46 <Wayneoween> ralsina: yes, thank you. I found the comment a bit misleading, but maybe there are other consequences to it?
17:27:11 <Wayneoween> I was particularly confused because of the "only".
17:27:29 <Wayneoween> Which makes it sound like "nowhere else"
17:47:44 <ralsina> Wayneoween: sorry, I dont get it
17:50:48 <Wayneoween> Hmm :) I misunderstood the comment before that relevant line
18:31:58 <ChrisWarrick|AFK> polyzen: which part of "AFK" don't you understand?  Anyway, you might have some permission problem on your system; basically the package copies everything around.  I'm not sure how someone would debug that
18:33:21 <polyzen> i understand afk
18:33:37 <polyzen> nice to see you too
18:33:58 <ChrisWarrick|AFK> I got my hands on a laptop and got bored enough to actually fire up putty
18:37:48 <ChrisWarrick|AFK> polyzen: I'll go back to being AFK now.  In any case, [email protected] for AUR issues, or [email protected] for anything else
21:08:39 <polyzen> how would i go about adding a badge to my site
21:09:24 <Aeyoun> "badge"?
21:09:46 <polyzen> https://www.youracclaim.com/badges/640fd8f2-252b-461f-aa8a-ec672017bf75
21:10:05 <polyzen> they have an embed option
21:10:50 <Aeyoun> polyzen: you copy and paste their embed code on your "about me" page or something.
21:11:06 <Aeyoun> It’s probably just a linked image anyways.
21:11:25 <Aeyoun> Save the image locally and serve it from your own server instead.  Lowers dependency on external servers.
21:12:34 <polyzen> thank you
21:35:32 <polyzen> i like the new getnikola face
21:56:14 <polyzen> Aeyoun, apparently i'm misunderstanding as adding the embed code to my index.rst doesn't work
21:57:43 <polyzen> https://getnikola.com/handbook.html#php
21:58:06 <polyzen> ¯\(º_o)/¯
22:06:23 <polyzen> is there a way to comment something out
22:21:57 <ralsina> polyzen: in what markup?
22:22:07 <ralsina> in restructured text: .. this is a comment
22:22:27 <ralsina> in markdown you use html comments
22:29:28 <polyzen> rst
22:29:49 <polyzen> i see
22:30:23 <polyzen> can i not symlink output/ to say /srv/http/default, and have that as a server.document-root?
22:31:43 <polyzen> hm
22:31:46 <polyzen> i can
22:55:49 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] Wayneoween opened pull request #1937: change wording in teaser comments (master...master) http://git.io/v3Zyl