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17:32:47 <gour> these days i was busy with OS re-install...now i'm back to debian and upgrade my site to 7.6.2. when i issue 'serve' it works nicely, but when i try 'auto' it is offering me page to dl as bin file?
17:33:33 <gour> is it something known?
17:38:40 <gour> hmm, now i see that 'serve' produces traceback: https://bpaste.net/show/542375735d13
17:46:20 <ralsina> gour: update to master, there is a bug in 7.6.2
17:46:29 * ralsina may have to rush a
17:46:49 <gour> ralsina: ok
17:47:31 <gour> that's the price for not having time to monitor what's going on here...but now  believe i won't leave debian for considerable amount of time :-)
17:50:33 <ralsina> at least,  being in Debian, you don't  have hopes about using system packages for things like Nikola ;-)
17:55:06 <gour> ralsina: yeah, it does not make sense for things like nikola (although i'm on 'testing'), but it's more convenient to use virtualenv for such things
17:55:58 <gour> voudlinux which i was using recently is very nice (no systemd, but runit), as well as xbps package manager, but i'm too old to fiddle with small community, adding basic pkgs etc.
18:11:34 <ralsina> I was a huge runit fan a long time ago
18:11:41 <ralsina> never heard of voudlinux
18:12:21 <ralsina> neither has google, is it called that?
18:15:48 <gour> voidlinux.eu
18:15:57 <gour> excuse me
18:16:30 <gour> it's pretty close to BSD...very lean & fast, similar build scripts to arch
18:17:28 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: (please call it 7.6.3 if you do that)
18:17:41 <ChrisWarrick> gour: why not arch?
18:18:11 <gour> ChrisWarrick: runit, xbps seems to me better than pacman, no aur, see voidlinux's features
18:18:21 <gour> remote,local repos etc.
18:18:36 <ralsina> aur is the best thing ever
18:18:41 <breeden> <3 linux mint debian
18:18:45 * ralsina had like 70 aur packages
18:19:14 * ChrisWarrick wrote an AUR helper of his own
18:19:14 <gour> ralsina: with void there is no need for AUR ;)
18:19:54 <ChrisWarrick> also, I now hate any system that does not ship systemd by default.
18:19:57 <gour> xbps-src is much better than anything i used on arch to track/build my own pkgs
18:20:10 <ralsina> A distro that sayss " there are over 5000 optimized binary packages" is probably not my cup of tea... gentoo guilt-by-association :-)
18:20:25 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: runit is/was awesome
18:20:36 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: how easy is it to write an unit
18:20:45 <ralsina> and doesn't require its own freaking conference like systemd :-)
18:20:51 * gour nods
18:20:53 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: absurdly easy
18:21:31 <gour> to get runit service under void, one simply does: ln -s /etc/sv/service /var/service or something
18:22:06 <gour> ralsina: if you like arch, check void, nice live images to try it out and very fast, bleeding-edge
18:22:16 <ralsina> gour: I work at canonical
18:22:20 <ralsina> so... no can do ;-)
18:22:38 <gour> there are also some mechanisms to prevent breakages while updating
18:22:45 <gour> ralsina: even for 'home' use?
18:22:53 <ralsina> gour: I own one computer.
18:23:02 <gour> :-)
18:23:15 <ralsina> well no, I probably own 20, but I use only one as a general purpose computer
18:23:35 <ralsina> I learned to relax and ignore most of the operating system anyway
18:27:08 <ChrisWarrick> (could a Canonical employee run KDE?)
18:28:59 <ralsina> sure, lots do
18:29:05 <ralsina> I used to