Logs for #nikola for 2015-07-14

08:43:54 <ChrisWarrick> superfly, ralsina: You should actually use the previewimage field.  It will integrate with some other niceties, though you need to add the <img> tag yourself
08:45:51 <ChrisWarrick> erdgeist: The post list directive is a hack and afterthought, and is completely unrelated to the category/tag/archive/index pages
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11:36:59 <erdgeist> ChrisWarrick: I know that it is, but that doesn't mean it could not be much more
11:37:52 <ChrisWarrick> erdgeist: at this point you could create a custom plugin that uses the generic index renderer
11:57:39 <erdgeist> ChrisWarrick: Understood. About the first part: Do you have an idea if its smarter to add more filters (e.g for date bracket and paths) or try to find a generic solution that can filter all metafields
11:59:44 <ChrisWarrick> erdgeist: What you want to do seems hard on a static website.  You would need to generate lots of pages for all the different options.  Maybe you could try writing some JS frontend instead?
12:03:43 <erdgeist> ChrisWarrick: why is applying more filters to the post-list directive hard? All I want is to filter by date or by path via globbing. That should be easy.
12:04:18 <KwBot> [nikola] Kwpolska opened issue #1890: Sitemaps are broken https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/1890
12:04:55 <ChrisWarrick> erdgeist: oh, you don’t want to generate all the choices.  Just some of them.
12:05:11 <ChrisWarrick> erdgeist: In that case, it could be implemented quite easily
12:05:44 <erdgeist> ChrisWarrick: Well initially I just want to add a site that collects all press releases with a date from 1997, 1998, 1999 and so on
12:06:20 <erdgeist> ChrisWarrick: But then I thought manually adding filters for all possible meta data fields is too specific and I wondered if there is a more generic way to allow filtering
12:06:29 <ChrisWarrick> erdgeist: not really
12:07:09 <ChrisWarrick> erdgeist: aside from date and tags, nikola metadata is just a bunch of random strings.  the only sensible thing you could do with it is equality comparison
12:08:09 <erdgeist> At least the date and the path follow some formal rules
12:10:48 <ChrisWarrick> erdgeist: you could just employ the dateutil parser and compare datetime objects from each post.  for path, you could get glob to work if you based it on input paths
12:13:01 <erdgeist> ChrisWarrick: Can you compare a date with something like a year or month?
12:13:29 <ChrisWarrick> erdgeist: >= january 1st, for example
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19:12:05 <superfly> ChrisWarrick: thanks, I'll take a look.
21:53:27 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: looks like we can do a 7.6.1 now, agree? I can do it tomorrow-ish.