Logs for #nikola for 2015-07-03

06:41:09 <ChrisWarrick> polyzen: please don’t bother filing aur out-of-date requests for the Nikola packages, I stopped supporting AUR3.  I’ll update them now, but don’t expect that in the future.
06:41:47 <ChrisWarrick> polyzen: in AURv4, those packages (now split) were updated as part of the release process
06:47:46 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] Kwpolska closed pull request #1858: Fix for #1850 (master...master) http://git.io/vqf2T
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06:59:59 <KwBot> [nikola] Kwpolska closed issue #1850: Spurious "scheduled to be published in the future" warning https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/1850
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07:00:09 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/master 222d817 Chris Warrick: Add changelog for #1850
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07:14:01 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/master d015f82 Chris Warrick: Unpin Yapsy and doit versions...
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10:13:59 <polyzen> ChrisWarrick, ah, i see
10:14:14 <polyzen> ChrisWarrick, this switch is a tad bit of a pain ni that respect :p
10:14:31 <ChrisWarrick> polyzen: two months is too long
10:15:09 <ChrisWarrick> polyzen: and I’m eagerly waiting for July 8th to take over two Nikola dependencies
10:15:50 <polyzen> hehe
12:10:40 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: there's just not any backwards-incompatible, compelling enough, changes to justify v8
12:11:10 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: murdering bootstrap, all those patches in nikola.py, that’s not enough?
12:11:58 <ralsina> bootstrap we can kill by moving it to themes.getnikola.com
12:12:46 <ralsina> as for the deprecations... well, they are there, releasing v8 just to remove code feels weird
16:15:24 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: check out this theme https://lotabout.github.io/posts/use-nikola-for-blogging.html
16:15:33 <ralsina> I would make that our default theme without even thinking
16:16:24 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: saw that already.  not sure about defaulting though, it sucks at fonts at places and hides post content
16:16:47 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: yeah, some tweaking may be nice, but for example, the code looks great https://lotabout.github.io/posts/test-of-nikola.html
16:17:02 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: CODE_COLOR_SCHEME = 'monokai'
16:17:03 <ralsina> As do the "contents" directive
16:17:18 * ralsina does that
16:17:23 * ChrisWarrick does too, in fact
16:17:39 <ChrisWarrick> (I use monokai for my code elsewhere, no idea why I did not do that on my blog)
16:20:12 <ChrisWarrick> https://chriswarrick.com/listings/entry_points_project/setup.py.html done
16:21:42 <ralsina> nice
16:21:53 <ralsina> I need to fix the gap between line numbers and code
16:22:46 <ChrisWarrick> rst.css adds a worthless margin
16:22:50 <KwBot> [nikola] ralsina opened issue #1859: Remove gap between linenumbers and code in listings https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/1859
16:23:17 <ralsina> yeah
16:23:25 <ralsina> rst.css is such a pile of crap
16:24:13 <KwBot> [nikola] Kwpolska assigned issue #1859 to Kwpolska: Remove gap between linenumbers and code in listings https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/1859
16:26:33 <KwBot> [nikola] Kwpolska closed issue #1859: Remove gap between linenumbers and code in listings https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/1859
16:26:45 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] Kwpolska pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/vqImM
16:26:45 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/master 7b52f52 Chris Warrick: Fix #1859 -- remove gap between linenos and code...
16:30:53 -travis-ci:#nikola- Invariant build by Chris Warrick: The build passed. See https://travis-ci.org/getnikola/invariant-builds/builds/69464206.
16:33:31 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: do you have any idea how sphinx adds "pi" symbols when you hover on a section with links to it?
16:33:52 <ralsina> And thanks for fixing that gap, much appreciated :-)
16:35:07 -travis-ci:#nikola- getnikola/nikola#5585 (master - 7b52f52 : Chris Warrick): The build passed.
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16:47:56 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] ralsina created fix-1830 (+1 new commit): http://git.io/vqIZs
16:47:56 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/fix-1830 7d5107f Roberto Alsina: updated to latest rst.css from docutils
16:49:44 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] ralsina pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/vqIZD
16:49:44 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/master defa4e4 Roberto Alsina: updated to latest rst.css from docutils
16:52:28 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: waaah
16:52:55 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: oh, you merged it properly, that’s okay
16:53:12 <ralsina> have some faith dude ;-)
16:53:30 * ChrisWarrick searches sphinx code for ¶
16:55:58 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: docutils magic: https://github.com/sphinx-doc/sphinx/blob/master/sphinx/writers/html.py#L643
16:56:16 <ralsina> oh, fuck that
16:56:53 <ralsina> Although we can do that, we are monkeypatching the writer
16:57:05 -travis-ci:#nikola- getnikola/nikola#5587 (master - defa4e4 : Roberto Alsina): The build was broken.
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16:57:09 <ralsina> still, it's sONE
16:57:16 <ralsina> sorry
16:57:23 <ralsina> so AWFULLY DONE I meant
17:03:08 -travis-ci:#nikola- getnikola/nikola#5586 (fix-1830 - 7d5107f : Roberto Alsina): The build was broken.
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17:05:11 <ChrisWarrick> we could try throwing together something nicer in lxml if we really care
17:13:45 -travis-ci:#nikola- Invariant build by Chris Warrick: The build passed. See https://travis-ci.org/getnikola/invariant-builds/builds/69468006.
17:18:01 <ralsina> I don't care enough
17:21:24 <ralsina> ChrisWarrick: about rst.css ... one thing that's "easy" is to just remove stuff from it.
17:21:36 <ralsina> For example, it has styling for h1.title
17:21:40 <ralsina> or h2.subtitle
17:22:20 <ralsina> but then again maybe those are useful and should be left alone
17:22:29 <ralsina> it's nearly impossible to refactor CSS :-(
17:27:48 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] ralsina pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/vqIzr
17:27:48 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/master 0e2b916 Roberto Alsina: rst.css: don't specify fonts, don't specify outset borders.
17:28:28 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] ralsina pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/vqIz7
17:28:29 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/master d3fd670 Roberto Alsina: rst.css: don't be a hipster, italic > oblique.
17:29:24 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] ralsina deleted fix-1830 at 7d5107f: http://git.io/vqIgU
17:34:23 <KwBot> [nikola] ralsina closed issue #1150: write our own reST stylesheets https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/1150
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17:40:31 <KwBot> [nikola] ralsina closed issue #1857: Error in wordpress importer https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/1857
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18:10:30 <ChrisWarrick> ralsina: probably not, we don’t really use reST titles/subtitles in Nikola