Logs for #nikola for 2015-05-26

04:03:52 <proteusguy> ralsina, whatever happened to Alva? I don't find it on github any longer. Has it been replaced or abandoned?
11:24:36 <ralsina> proteusguy: try coil
11:25:04 <ralsina> proteusguy: alva was a prototype, the approach was ot practical. About 3 iterations later, we have coil (done by ChrisWarric)
11:25:25 <ralsina> was not practical, I mean.
11:29:03 <proteusguy> ralsina, that was my guess. :-) We actually did some stuff with Alva and extended it for a client (a bit) and now looking to take it further. What would you say is the key differences between Coil & Alva?
11:29:27 <ralsina> alva is multi-site, coil is not
11:29:47 <ralsina> mind you, alva was fixable, it just was not fixable enough with the motivation I had :-)
11:30:48 <proteusguy> understand. The multi-site aspect is the only key difference between the two?
11:33:05 <ralsina> AFAIK
11:38:01 <ralsina> have not played much with Coil
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19:41:29 <polyzen> do i have to downgrade yapsy? This degrades gracefully if the browser doesn't support JavaScript.
19:41:36 <polyzen> * pkg_resources.ContextualVersionConflict: (Yapsy 1.11.123 (/usr/lib/python3.4/site-packages), Requirement.parse('yapsy==1.10.423'), {'Nikola'})
19:42:00 <polyzen> tried rebuilding nikola
19:42:32 <ralsina> polyzen: you may have to manually remove the yapsy > 1.11 if you have one
19:43:11 <ralsina> polyzen: 1.11.023 is broken and 1.11.123 is not packaged correctly (1.11.123 is NOT in pypi anymore, 1.11.123b installs 1.11.123)
20:00:23 <polyzen> o.O
20:00:48 <polyzen> ralsina, should nikola be updated to require 1.11.123b?
20:01:25 <ralsina>  polyzen that's not a good idea because if you call pip install yapsy==1.11.123.b it will reinstall everry time because it's not consistent
20:01:34 <ralsina> and 1.10.whatever still works
20:02:22 <polyzen> i've apparently got 1.11.123b
20:02:39 <polyzen> ah
20:02:50 <polyzen> alright
20:14:48 <ralsina> 1.11.123b will work, too
20:15:11 <ralsina> it just be "wrong" for pip's requirements
20:15:44 <polyzen> ¯\(º_o)/¯
21:18:30 <polyzen> hwat If you like your URLs without the .html then you want to create folders and put the pages in index.html inside them using the PRETTY_URLS option.
21:18:46 <polyzen> s/in index.html // ?
22:22:17 <polyzen> seems this page could use an update https://getnikola.com/creating-a-site-not-a-blog-with-nikola.html
22:41:04 <ralsina> polyzen: yes, PRETTY_URLS does that
22:41:12 <ralsina> most docs need updates :-)
23:32:42 <polyzen> ralsina, was just confused by the phrasing
23:33:27 <ralsina> polyzen: english as a 3rd langage here ;-)
23:33:33 <polyzen> hehe
23:44:15 <polyzen> so the "not a blog" page says this: # And to avoid a conflict because blogs try to generate /index.html
23:44:17 <polyzen> INDEX_PATH = "blog"
23:44:33 <polyzen> however, that's also set here https://github.com/getnikola/nikola-site/blob/master/conf.py#L63
23:44:46 <polyzen> and the site does have a blog... https://getnikola.com/blog/index.html
23:50:02 <ralsina> yes, nikola's site is an example of a site where the front page is not a blog
23:50:15 <ralsina> in fact, it's done following that very guide or viceversa
23:51:33 <polyzen> oh