Logs for #nikola for 2015-04-16

01:07:19 <Nolski> Hey all, I'm looking to make my first contribution (hopefully). Are there any docs on building and running tests for the code base? I couldn't find any
01:33:39 <ralsina> Nolski: python setup.py test should do it :-)
01:34:11 <ralsina> Nolski: sadly our test coverage is sorta sucky
01:35:35 <Nolski> maybe I can help out then. Does that also build the project?
01:43:21 <Nolski> ralsina: ^
01:43:43 <ralsina> theres not much to build
01:44:04 <ralsina> it even works without installing, if you set PYTHONPATH correctly
14:57:48 <travis-ci> Wheelhouse build by Chris Warrick: The build passed. See http://travis-ci.org/getnikola/wheelhouse/builds/58764142.
17:45:33 <Danjcla> Any opinions less vs sass?
17:49:02 <ralsina> Danjcla: they are basically the same thing. Haven't used either much.