Logs for #nikola for 2015-03-28

14:39:05 <ChrisWarrick> andrewmman: you could save the glossary terms to a database and create a page via a latetask
14:40:40 <andrewmman> hi ChrisWarrick, was trying to save them to a json file
14:41:07 <andrewmman> though the concept is the same
14:41:08 <ChrisWarrick> andrewmman: it could work out too, provided that you remember old entries between runs
14:41:30 <ChrisWarrick> andrewmman: you could also dumb-parse the rest files
14:41:37 <andrewmman> aja
14:42:14 <andrewmman> I would like to assign a folder like "glossary" and parse all pages inside it and create a unique index with the entries
14:43:03 <andrewmman> *a unique index page
14:43:42 <ChrisWarrick> you could try doing it with various methods
14:44:03 <andrewmman> I do have the custom directive already working
14:44:13 <andrewmman> which do you think is the best approach?
14:44:49 <ChrisWarrick> make your custom directive write data to a file and create the index basing on it.
14:45:57 <ChrisWarrick> the latetask (or a regular task that depends on all render_posts tasks) should just depend on the data file and it should just work™
14:48:45 <andrewmman> that dumb-parse you mentioned, is it implemented anywhere so I can see the code?
14:49:03 <andrewmman> in nikola or one of its plugins
14:50:18 <ChrisWarrick> no
14:50:39 <ChrisWarrick> this would be an ugly regexp-based parser for restructuredtext
14:50:59 <ChrisWarrick> it would be easier just to save to the file and delete entries manually
14:51:07 <andrewmman> ok