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13:00:54 <SpaceKookie> Hey there. I have a question that Google couldn't really help me with so I hope I can get some help here. I'm building a site that has a blog, some categories for static sites, etc. But...is there a way to populate the /index.html file with stuff via a RST or MD without having to write html into the file myself? Especially because it might end up being overwritten?
13:03:10 <SpaceKookie> And by that I mean stuff like either a list of past blog articles. Or maybe a picture with some text greeting people to the site, etc.
13:06:26 <ChrisWarrick> SpaceKookie: there are basically two solutions.
13:07:12 <ChrisWarrick> SpaceKookie: You could create your own index.tmpl template that would include a greeting written in HTML (that you can manually convert from reST using rst2html if you really hate to write it).
13:07:36 <SpaceKookie> Okay...what's the second solution :)
13:08:27 <ChrisWarrick> SpaceKookie: You could also use a different solution, which is to create a story that ends up as /index.html (.. slug: index  and appropriate PAGES configuration).  You can write that in reST and Markdown.  If you want to put a list of posts there, you would have to use reST and the post list directive.
13:09:23 <SpaceKookie> Hmm okay. Two follow up questions to both those. 1) Where would the .tmpl file go? 2) How would I have to set up my PAGES config?
13:10:42 <ChrisWarrick> SpaceKookie: If you don’t have your own theme, templates/index.tmpl  in your site directory (alongside conf.py)
13:11:12 <ChrisWarrick> SpaceKookie: you can start by copying index.tmpl from your desired “upstream” theme
13:12:34 <ChrisWarrick> SpaceKookie: required configuration for solution 2 is available in the “creating a site (not a blog)” document at http://getnikola.com/creating-a-site-not-a-blog-with-nikola.html
13:13:01 <SpaceKookie> Alright, I'll look into that :) Thanks already for the help
13:13:09 <SpaceKookie> Bit of personal opinion, which solution would you choose?
13:13:44 <ChrisWarrick> SpaceKookie: depends on what you want to show the most
13:14:33 <ChrisWarrick> SpaceKookie: if you want to show the post content on your index page and not only titles, you pretty should edit index.tmpl because it should be easier.  If you want only post titles and they are not the main part of your index page, go with solution 2
13:14:50 <SpaceKookie> Alright. Thanks for the help :)
13:17:13 <SpaceKookie> Have a lovely sunday <3
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14:50:56 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/master 2c08cea Chris Warrick: implement tag hiding for tag clouds (#1640)...
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