Logs for #nikola for 2015-03-21

09:14:23 <numb> hello i have a question
09:15:11 <Guest44391> i need to use Jalali calender or Persian calender but i don't found a good manual for it
09:15:22 <Guest44391> is there any solution for it?
10:16:37 <ChrisWarrick> Guest44391: we don’t support that
10:18:31 <Guest44391> ChrisWarrick, Thanks I try to add this feature on it :)
10:19:17 <ChrisWarrick> Guest44391: I don’t think that’s possible or easy to do… You would basically have to figure out if there is any way to support them in Python and make all date displays use this system
10:21:04 <Guest44391> ChrisWarrick, there's a lots of libraries and good support of Jalali Cal in python 
10:21:20 <Guest44391> ChrisWarrick, but i try to do that :)
10:21:52 <ChrisWarrick> Guest44391: why not use the international de-facto standard that is the gregorian calendar?
10:24:58 <Guest44391> ChrisWarrick, my blog is persian :/ .but i will use Gregorian Cal.