Logs for #nikola for 2015-03-11

16:46:44 <Elinvention> hello, how can I add extra tags on the head section of a page?
16:49:29 <ChrisWarrick> Elinvention: you mean the <head> in HTML? quite a few ways
16:49:57 <ChrisWarrick> Elinvention: the easiest way is to use the EXTRA_HEAD_DATA setting in conf.py
16:50:48 <Elinvention> yes, but from a page in "stories" folder
16:51:28 <ChrisWarrick> Elinvention: then it’s much harder and will involve templates
16:52:05 <ChrisWarrick> Elinvention: You would have to create a new template especially for that page and use it with the .. template: tag
16:53:02 <ChrisWarrick> Elinvention: Just inheriting story.tmpl and editing the extra_head block should be enough — look at existing templates, gallery.tmpl in particular, for examples
17:03:35 <Elinvention> sorry, where can I find story.tmpl? I am looking into bootstrap-jinja
17:13:36 <ChrisWarrick> Elinvention: base-jinja
17:13:48 <ChrisWarrick> Elinvention: also, why not use bootstrap3-jinja?  We don’t really support the bootstrap 2 version
17:21:51 <Elinvention> actually I am using my own template which is based on bootstrap3-jinja
17:22:33 <Elinvention> now it says template not found even if I created a folder in themes
17:24:32 -GitHub[plugins]:#nikola- [plugins] pwm1234 closed pull request #53: Fix problem with local search when site_url is not at the root (master...master) http://git.io/g0GOIw
17:29:16 <ChrisWarrick> Elinvention: who says that?
17:29:46 <ChrisWarrick> Elinvention: put the new template in the same place your regular templates are
17:35:42 <Elinvention> I made a new folder in themes called "test", then i put .. template: test and when i run nikola build it fails with TemplateNotFound
17:50:46 <Elinvention> ok I made it! I confused a theme with template and I had to put the extension too
17:52:48 <Elinvention> ChrisWarrick: now I can say it isn't that hard. Thank you for your time!