Logs for #nikola for 2015-03-03

14:53:15 <erdgeist> Is there a quick way to have nikola compile man pages to html/pdf
16:26:00 <ralsina> erdgeist: not at this point
16:26:15 <ralsina> erdgeist: but it would be easy to do if you can give me a command that does what you want :-)
16:26:43 <ralsina> erdgeist: basically take the pandoc plugin and change the command it uses
16:59:01 <erdgeist> ralsina: Ohh, nice to see you :)
16:59:21 <ralsina> erdgeist: likewise!
16:59:50 <erdgeist> ralsina: any chance that https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/issues/1624 can be addressed? ChrisWarrick wrote some script that does not work for me.
17:00:21 <ralsina> I am not very familiar with post_list and I am kind swamped by real life
17:00:26 <ralsina> you know, work and stuff
17:00:38 <erdgeist> ralsina: damn ;)
17:01:06 <erdgeist> ralsina: Well, I found a work around that will do for now. And for the rest of what I needed nikola now is perfect
17:01:11 <erdgeist> ralsina: Thanks a lot!
17:01:19 <ralsina> cool, have fun! :-)