Logs for #nikola for 2015-02-14

01:21:21 <ralsina> erdgeist: can you show me the contents of a post?
01:21:34 <ralsina> erdgeist: usually this means you are doing something strange :-)
03:35:27 <erdgeist> ralsina: Content is:
03:35:30 <erdgeist> --
03:35:30 <erdgeist> date: Di, 26 Apr 2005 01:14:29 +0200
03:35:30 <erdgeist> title: Auf gut Glueck
03:35:30 <erdgeist> --
03:35:30 <erdgeist> Heute haben sich die DreiEuroFuffzich fuer die [Sneak](http://www.yorck.de/yck/yorck_ie/yorck_kinos/filmtheateramfriedrichshain.php3)
03:35:40 <erdgeist> filename ist:
03:35:41 <erdgeist> 2005_04_26_-_01_14_-_Auf_gut_Glueck.md
03:37:02 <s2hc_johan>  ralsina: just tried, but didn't mange when runnin fresh sita and from master. have to investigate the site I tried in before.
03:41:52 <s2hc_johan> erdgeist: I think it should start with <!-- and end with -->
03:42:49 <s2hc_johan> also in that you should have double dots before meta data
03:44:42 <erdgeist> hmm, this is not yaml-header standard. But will try :) Thanks
03:45:07 <s2hc_johan> I created a md post with "nikola new_post -f markdown" and this is what got created https://gist.github.com/s2hc-johan/c24a5771564376499ce2
03:45:35 <erdgeist> Thats not really much
03:45:44 <s2hc_johan> look at raw
03:46:49 <erdgeist> I see
03:52:34 <s2hc_johan> whats yaml got to do with it anyway, are you tyring to use rmarkdown?
03:53:36 <erdgeist> Well, .. to introduce a directive is rest
03:53:51 <erdgeist> standard for meta data in markdown files is adding a yaml-header
03:54:10 <s2hc_johan> erdgeist: if you don't want that in your markdown file you can add a <file name>.meta
03:54:25 <erdgeist> I know
03:54:49 <s2hc_johan> ok, I think nikola uses restructuredtext layout all the time
03:58:39 <erdgeist> well, that seems to be an acquired ... nerd-taste. For writing blog posts rather than docs .rst is less convenient than .md
04:00:06 <s2hc_johan> yea, but you only need it for the meata part
04:00:52 <s2hc_johan> do you have any link to markdown with yaml meta, can you do more advanced things like includes and such?
04:02:09 <erdgeist> you just add double -- and put your yaml between those ;)
04:02:35 <erdgeist> I need to re-convert all my blog posts now
04:02:58 <erdgeist> the dates are in a German locale 
04:03:49 <s2hc_johan> is that in the start only or can you do more advanced things like inclusion mid text or like include plugins mid text?
04:03:59 <erdgeist> in start only
04:04:14 <erdgeist> a header, hence the name
04:04:36 <s2hc_johan> ok, but if that is a usual workflow, create a ticket, and maybe it gets implemented
09:35:08 <ChrisWarrick> erdgeist: we don’t do YAML in Nikola, we use reStructuredText comments
09:36:13 <ChrisWarrick> erdgeist: also, most dates will work, we don’t force a format.  dateutil.parse should figure out what you used
09:38:15 <ChrisWarrick> erdgeist: also, we have just the right plugin for you if you are converting from jekyll: http://plugins.getnikola.com/#import_jekyll
09:41:54 <ChrisWarrick> erdgeist: well, it might not exactly get written out German right (English is hardcoded).  2005-04-26 01:14:29 +02:00   will work the best, have fun converting!
10:19:58 <erdgeist> I never used jekyll, I wrote everything by hand
10:27:40 <ChrisWarrick> erdgeist: a custom-made ssg?
10:28:45 <ChrisWarrick> erdgeist: see what `nikola new_post -f markdown` outputs and adjust your posts to that.
17:51:35 <erdgeist> ChrisWarrick: No, handwritten HTML ;)