Logs for #nikola for 2015-01-25

15:44:41 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] khatribharat opened pull request #1600: updated readme with nikola architecture (master...master) http://git.io/chGg8w
20:00:02 <NicoG> buenas
20:00:54 <NicoG> ralsina: ping
20:05:47 <ChrisWarrick> NicoG: why ping ralsina when you can ask the entire channel?
20:06:03 <NicoG> because my english sucks hahah
20:06:08 <NicoG> but let me try
20:06:59 <NicoG> after several updates with "nikola auto -b" command the page stop working until I stop it and build it again
20:07:57 <NicoG> I mean, the page stop to update it even if I stop the app, only works if I buld it again
20:08:04 <NicoG> make sense ChrisWarrick 
20:08:07 <ChrisWarrick> yes
20:08:21 <ChrisWarrick> This is weird behavior, and we can’t really help
20:08:29 <NicoG> no problem
20:08:32 <ChrisWarrick> you would have to report this to the developers of python-livereloa
20:08:36 <ChrisWarrick> python-livereload*
20:09:07 <ChrisWarrick> nikola auto is using livereload to do all of it’s magic, perhaps they might know why it fails to work
20:09:27 <ChrisWarrick> I remember having problems due to auto not serving when the page is being built; maybe that’s the issue
20:09:36 * ChrisWarrick goes afk
20:10:14 <NicoG> ok, thanks
22:24:00 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] felixfontein pushed 3 new commits to earlytask_impl: http://git.io/LJ-fPg
22:24:01 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/earlytask_impl 77d6a15 Felix Fontein: Moved higher level code for task generation from Nikola to NikolaTaskLoader.
22:24:01 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/earlytask_impl 6ae0188 Felix Fontein: Removing unnecessary task dependency.
22:24:01 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/earlytask_impl 78eb260 Felix Fontein: Improved avoiding definitions of EarlyTask, LateTask and Task incorrectly being detected as plugins.
22:28:33 -travis-ci:#nikola- getnikola/nikola#4599 (earlytask_impl - 78eb260 : Felix Fontein): The build is still failing.
22:28:34 -travis-ci:#nikola- Change view: https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/compare/9d092aa7ef2a...78eb260ec85b
22:28:34 -travis-ci:#nikola- Build details: http://travis-ci.org/getnikola/nikola/builds/48283807
22:43:08 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] ralsina pushed 2 new commits to master: https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/compare/50828ba3b56b...b0618509575f
22:43:08 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/master bee2a6e bharat.k: updated readme with nikola architecture
22:43:08 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/master b061850 Roberto Alsina: Merge pull request #1600 from khatribharat/master...
22:48:34 -travis-ci:#nikola- getnikola/nikola#4600 (master - b061850 : Roberto Alsina): The build passed.
22:48:34 -travis-ci:#nikola- Change view: https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/compare/50828ba3b56b...b0618509575f
22:48:34 -travis-ci:#nikola- Build details: http://travis-ci.org/getnikola/nikola/builds/48285079
22:57:21 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] felixfontein pushed 1 new commit to earlytask_impl: http://git.io/pzRVfw
22:57:21 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/earlytask_impl 5166eb0 Felix Fontein: Fixed typo.
23:01:10 -travis-ci:#nikola- getnikola/nikola#4601 (earlytask_impl - 5166eb0 : Felix Fontein): The build is still failing.
23:01:10 -travis-ci:#nikola- Change view: https://github.com/getnikola/nikola/compare/78eb260ec85b...5166eb02251a
23:01:10 -travis-ci:#nikola- Build details: http://travis-ci.org/getnikola/nikola/builds/48286295
23:42:29 <pmav99> Hi, I am trying to use isso as the comment system, but I can't figure out what value I need to set to COMMENT_SYSTEM_ID
23:42:34 <pmav99> can anyone provide a pointer?