Logs for #nikola for 2015-01-08

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09:31 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: Bosses requirenments changed so I advised him to use magento.
09:38 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: Product owners, they a change request is the punctation mark to each requirenment.
09:39 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: Product owners, they file a change request is the punctation mark to each requirenment.
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12:47 <@ralsina_> kushal: I do
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14:19 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: magento is e-shops, right?  Then why did you think of building a blog in the first place?
14:40 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: It is supposed to be a companies website. But the product owner decided that he wants to add all of his products to the website and that his employees should be able to do changes. I told him commet can do it but that if he wants all of this in 15 days he should better use the magento we already have for another of our company websites.
14:40 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: Shop functionality will be compleately deactivated and I will generate static html from the magento site.
14:41 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: ack
14:41 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: just put Varnish up there, should be enough
14:41 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: With all optimizations I get magento to load in 1.5 to 2 seconds min.
14:42 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: rendering static pages included?  This sounds really flaky, you know
14:44 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: I am unsatisfied with how this turned out. Now I have to find another project to use comet for but I have something in mind already.
14:46 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: In the end I always end up having all the fun creating open source projects at night while slaving for a technical incompetent person at day.
14:47 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: that’s always a lot of fun.
14:47 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: He wants the website fast and with all the extras we haven't talked about. There should be an extra channel just for this. Maybe that is my next project.
14:48 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: #nikola-comet?
14:48 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: #requirenments-change-again
14:51 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: Like a self help channel.
14:56 <+ChrisWarrick> I created the -comet channel, but let’s not use it.
14:58 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: Agreed
17:36 <@ralsina_> keep comet talk here, I like reading about it every now and then :-)
17:36 <+ChrisWarrick> ralsina_: we sure will
17:36 <@ralsina_> Also, I ended up working for a very technically competent person so now I do stuff like "figure out how to do something like google translate with no money"
17:37 <+ChrisWarrick> ralsina_: bing translator is free
17:37 <@ralsina_> not anymore
17:37 <+ChrisWarrick> web-scraping for one of those?
17:37 <@ralsina_> it's free for a few thousand characters per day, hopefully this will get a couple million users
17:38 <@ralsina_> also, I sort of made it work, as long as you want to just translate single words
17:38 <@ralsina_> http://direct.ralsina.me:8080/translate/es/de/gato
17:38 <@ralsina_> it does use a .6GB sqlite database
17:38 <@ralsina_> correction, 1.2GB
17:39 <+ChrisWarrick> it also seems to be down
17:39 <@ralsina_> well, it's a $5 vps :-)
17:39 <@ralsina_> not the best place to deply GB sqlite DBs
17:39 <+ChrisWarrick> digitalocean is awesome, btw
17:39 <@ralsina_> it works, just really slowly
17:40 <+ChrisWarrick> creating a translation engine is really troublesome, especially if you were to do it “for free” → without hiring linguists
17:41 <@ralsina_> exactly
17:41 <@ralsina_> OTOH there is a huge corpus of available data for translating single words, so that's what I used (the english wiktionary)
17:42 <+ChrisWarrick> this does require optimization, though
17:43 <@ralsina_> it's just some missing indexes
17:43 <@ralsina_> BTW if anyone wants more RDF language data than you can compfortably process in a nice home computer, check dbnary :-)
17:44 <@ralsina_> the english dictionary is over 800MB of RDF, some 20 million triples
17:44 <@ralsina_> takes 1 hour to parse using rdflib
17:44 < uwjesq> ralsina_: My usuall use case requires hiring translators.
17:45 <+ChrisWarrick> hire some cheap translators, put them in a cage and use them as robots.  Better quality than Google Translate will ever be.
17:45 <@ralsina_> well, I am sure I could write a killer scrabble bot now
17:47 <+ChrisWarrick> with a better server underlying, sure
17:49 <@ralsina_> Cage cleanup is expensive
17:51 < uwjesq> ralsina_: Google translate is when you don't realy care if anybody understands the website.
17:52 <@ralsina_> uwjesq: ohm but this is not a website :-)
17:52 <@ralsina_> This is part of a secret thing in a secret project
17:53 < uwjesq> ralsina_: That is even worse.
17:53 < uwjesq> ralsina_: You have to man up and learn chinese already.
17:53 < uwjesq> ralsina_: If you are cheap that is. :-)
17:53 <@ralsina_> uwjesq: sadly there's no decent free chinese dictionary
18:00 <+ChrisWarrick> ralsina_: Is it just me or is the translation thing godawful?  http://direct.ralsina.me:8080/translate/es/pl/gato → cat♀, cat♂, cat♂ dimunitive, cat♀ dimunitive, X (lit. little cross), shortcut/abbreviation, Jack (in card games), Jack (in card games) [same word!], pussy [the vulgar meaning], cat♀ dimunitive 2, cat♀ dimunitive 2 [same word!], cat♂ dimunitive 2, c*nt, cat♂ augmentative.
18:01 <@ralsina_> ChrisWarrick: well, it's a WIP
18:02 <@ralsina_> OTOH gato in spanish means a whole lot of things
18:02 <+ChrisWarrick> ralsina_: does it?
18:02 <@ralsina_> http://direct.ralsina.me:8080/dict3/es/gato
18:02 <@ralsina_> 13 things at least
18:02 <@ralsina_> including "#"
18:07 <+ChrisWarrick> ralsina_: mind describing the exact algorithm used?
18:07 <@ralsina_> ChrisWarrick: it's temprary but sure, give me 1 sec
18:08 <@ralsina_> http://hastebin.com/qiyiqonuki.vala
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