Logs for #nikola for 2015-01-03

10:31 < uwjesq> punchagan: Namaste bai. I got html to work now. Somehow however python thinks it is a good idea to convert utf8 into ascii so the programm crashes when you enter utf8 characters https://github.com/hhirsch/comet_cms
10:32 < punchagan> uwjesq: Namaste. I think you mean bhai.  Cool!
10:33 < punchagan> uwjesq: server.pem? should that really be in the repo?
10:33 < uwjesq> punchagan: Yes. It is a certificate for localhost for testing.
10:33 < punchagan> ok
10:40 < uwjesq> punchagan: Password does not matter btw as long as the user name is ben.
10:40 < punchagan> thanks. I was just going to ask you.
10:42 < punchagan> uwjesq: I'm getting SSL errors. Can I disable SSL easily?
10:43 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: why are you mixing bottle and cherrypy?
10:43 < uwjesq> punchagan: Yes, remove the server=...   b.run(host='localhost', port=port, server='mysslcherrypy')
10:44 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: bottle has no idea how to do ssl afaik.
10:44 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: in a real environment, I’d put bottle behind nginx anyway
10:45 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: Indeed.
10:46 < punchagan> uwjesq: are some files missing in the repo? I get js errors, when I try to edit a post in the webapp
10:46 < uwjesq> Checking
10:46 < uwjesq> Yes
10:46 < uwjesq> Commiting them now
10:46 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: then why not get rid of the cherrypy hack and do SSL in nginx?
10:47 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: I will.
10:47 < uwjesq> punchagan: js files are checked in now.
11:00 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: I’m in progress of fixing all unicode issues.  https://github.com/Kwpolska/comet_cms
11:01 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: Thanks.
11:05 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: And you say both the htaccess and th https can be handled by a real webserver by proxy so I can remove both...
11:05 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: yeah
11:05 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: Alright, I just do that then.
11:05 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: wait, what do you mean by htaccess?
11:06 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: That you get asked for a username and password before you can see the page.
11:06 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: authentication is better left to bottle
11:07 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: Is the one acceptable that I am using atm. knowing that I'll implement a better "check" function in the future?
11:07 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: yeah
11:09 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: in the futurer future, you may also want to switch to something more modern than basic auth
11:09 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: https://github.com/hhirsch/comet_cms/pull/1
11:09 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: Agreed.
11:14 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: there, pull request #1 is now pullable and works fine with Unicode input in python 2.7
11:18 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: py3 fix in #2, everything should be fine now
11:18 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: Nice. Testing right away.
11:18 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: it fails.
11:18 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: latin1 gets in the way
11:20 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: Looking good already. brb.
11:42 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: #3 will fix all unicode problems, everything should be fine now.  Another thing that would be useful is some better styling for the editor.
12:10 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: You mean the toolbar should have a better style.
12:10 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: the text box is not easily discoverable
12:11 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: Agreed.
12:21 < uwjesq> punchagan: It is pretty decent now.
12:22 < punchagan> cool
12:22 < uwjesq> punchagan: "What you see is html" is a nice way to edit imho.
12:55 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: Is there a markup language for nikola that is just like plain html but with features like expanding macros or including files.
12:55 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: no
12:56 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: you’d need to create your own, somehow
15:38 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] felixfontein created fix_tag_rebuilding (+1 new commit): http://git.io/i8BqnA
15:38 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/fix_tag_rebuilding de01208 Felix Fontein: Avoid rebuild of *all* tags and categories pages and RSS feeds when a tag or category is added or removed.
15:40 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] felixfontein opened pull request #1565: Avoid rebuild of tag/category pages/feeds when tag/category is added/removed. (master...fix_tag_rebuilding) http://git.io/_3w92Q
15:43 -travis-ci:#nikola- getnikola/nikola#4469 (fix_tag_rebuilding - de01208 : Felix Fontein): The build passed.
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16:01 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- [nikola] Kwpolska pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/ZLzHmQ
16:01 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/master 4348808 Chris Warrick: Merge pull request #1565 from getnikola/fix_tag_rebuilding...
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18:22 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: You think I should publish the plugin with another name or as a replacement for webapp?
18:23 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: replacement for webapp IMO
19:07 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: Is there an easy way to have the same theme in the webapp as I have set for the site?
19:08 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: this is doable if you were to use Nikola’s template rendering
19:15 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: So I scratch the whole thing and start new with something nikola auto as a base.
19:15 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: no no no
19:15 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: nikola auto is worthless; besides, it won’t help you much
19:19 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: Yes, now I remember, it is just serving and watching.
19:19 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: nikola auto will just take away the part where you run nikola build after creating a post/saving it
19:20 < uwjesq> Anyway I think I will have a good look at every plugin there is. Maybe the build plugin will yield interesting information.
19:20 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: what for?
19:20 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: what information do you need?
19:23 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: I don't know enough about webapp yet. Why it has its own theme and if it inherits anything from the sites theme so I think tomorrow and later today it will just be reading of source code to determine where webapp gets its looks and how I can give it the main sites style if it does not already do that.
19:24 < uwjesq> I am sure it will help for a lot of other things in the future to know the source better and actually understand some of the stuff that is going on.
19:29 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: Using custom themes was probably a shortcut.  You would need to take in all of Nikola’s GLOBAL_CONTEXT, handle things like is_rtl, translatablesettings and template hooks, and finally render the template.  (we could make Nikola’s render_template useful for this if we made it possible to just return data and don’t save it)  Then you would need to come up with some things we assume are in the context — permalink and title, for example.
20:08 < verbalshadow> uwjesq: ChrisWarrick: comet_cms readme is a bit inflamitory. "dummy users" making it unlikely the user group you are targeting will use it they don't like feeling dumb and they just want it to work. I would use "causal users".
20:12 <+ChrisWarrick> verbalshadow, uwjesq: https://github.com/hhirsch/comet_cms/pull/4
20:33 < verbalshadow> ChrisWarrick: yes that fixes the issue nicely
20:41 <+ChrisWarrick> uwjesq: thanks for merging!
21:33 < uwjesq> ChrisWarrick: I just noticed render_template_to_string
21:34 < uwjesq> Is this significant?
22:08 < uwjesq> I accept that it is too much using the current theme automatically with webapp it should be a nice to have.