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11:36 -GitHub[nikola]:#nikola- nikola/master 45902da Chris Warrick: nikola help doesn’t need a config file either...
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19:11 < uwjesq> Hello, how can I use my own plugins repository with nikola?
19:38 < punchagan> uwjesq: what do you mean? with the plugin install?
20:11 < uwjesq> punchagan: Hello. I want to add features to some plugins and also add my own plugins.
20:12 < punchagan> uwjesq: you can just drop in your plugins into the plugins/ directory inside your nikola site.
20:13 < punchagan> uwjesq: Hello, and Happy New Year, btw!
20:13 < uwjesq> punchagan: Happy new year bai.
20:14 < uwjesq> punchagan: I will try to get webapp to a point that I can give it to a customer to use or die trying.
20:15 < punchagan> uwjesq: haha. good luck!
20:17 < uwjesq> punchagan: You realy think it is so crazy that it is laughable?
20:17 < punchagan> uwjesq: I laughed at the die trying part. :P
20:17 < uwjesq> punchagan: Good.
20:17 < punchagan> I think it is doable, but not sure what exactly are the gains.
20:17 < punchagan> uwjesq: there is a failed/abandoned attempt of another approach here: https://github.com/punchagan/statiki -- trying to use GitHub as the UI.
20:19 < uwjesq> punchagan: Looks cool.
20:20 < uwjesq> punchagan: The only thing I wanted to change in webapp is the editor I want to use wysihtml instead and use html as the format.
20:20 < punchagan> uwjesq: I haven't looked at webapp plugin, after the initial announcement.
20:21 < punchagan> uwjesq: yes, putting in a wysiwg html editor should make it pretty slick.
20:21 < uwjesq> punchagan: I just tried it for a second and it looked like it was good enough for the job.
20:21 < punchagan> cool
20:24 < uwjesq> punchagan: crud
20:26 < punchagan> uwjesq: I'd be happy to be an alpha/beta tester if you want any
20:28 < uwjesq> punchagan: I already created this repository but it is just a default installation. https://github.com/hhirsch/comet_cms
20:29 < punchagan> ok
20:31 < punchagan> uwjesq: if you are developing the plugin, and wish to keep the plugin development in a different repo (say the nikola plugins repo), you can use EXTRA_PLUGINS_DIRS config to add additional directory paths to look for plugins.
20:31 < punchagan>
20:32 < uwjesq> punchagan: That is cool.
20:43 < travis-ci> Wheelhouse build by Chris Warrick: The build passed. See http://travis-ci.org/getnikola/wheelhouse/builds/45627203.